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Andy Stern – calm, cool and crazy

In keeping with the tradition of the Left, SEIU chief goon Andy Stern called Senate Democrats “legislative ‘terrorists’” today.  He was joking…or was he?  There are unconfirmed rumors that we’re starting that say Stern then ordered his purple-shirted gang of thugs to take a break from beating up black conservatives and egg homes of Senators Mary Landreu and Ben Nelson.  Again, these rumors we’ve made up are, as yet, unconfirmed.

Way to keep things in perspective, Andy.


Arlen Specter to oppose Card Check

They're smiling because he usually votes like they do.

They're smiling because he usually votes like they do.

It looks like Arlen Specter’s apology tour to conservatives to make up for his selling out on the “stimulus” bill continues…

It has been announced today that the will oppose cloture on the Employee Free Choice act, commonly referred to as Card Check.

Thanks for agreeing to do the right thing, Senator Specter, but this in on way makes up for your selling out to the tune of a trillion dollars.  We appreciate this, but will never forget that.


New York Lefties want to take more from the rich to avoid having to contribute themselves.


Lefties in New York are up in arms over the prospect of having some of the state’s bloated budget trimmed to the point it is mildly affordable.  Telling is the fact that unions and community groups (think ACORN) rallied, calling on Governor Patterson to raise taxes on people making over $250,000 so they can keep getting benefits.

“For those of you who prosper during boom time, we ask them pay a little bit more. Pay a little more so New York can avoid cutting the services that our most vulnerable need,” United Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten said.

Just a little more!  What a joke.  How much does Randi Weingarten make and how much does she give to charity?  Does she make more money than she “needs”?  She’s a parasite.

Here’s an idea, since 40 percent of families don’t pay any federal income tax, how about we actually tax them?  That’s a lot of poeple, so a small tax will rake in a lot of money to help provide the free services they feel the need to take to the streets to protect.

That will never happen, the point of protests like this is because people want stuff for free.  Liberals created this dependent class, now it’s coming back to bite them.  They’ve removed so many people from the “contributor” column to the “taking” column that there isn’t enough people to take from to give to the people used to getting.  The scales are tipping.

Too bad liberals have no plan b or magic to get blood from a stone because there simply aren’t enough “rich” to fulfill their left-wing promises.


AFL-CIO Leadership to workers – Let them eat cake!

When will Members of Congress decry this?  Under the theory of “you never bite the hand that feeds you,” we’ll guess never.  Such hypocrisy!


Everything You Wanted To Know About AFSCME But Were Afraid To Ask


The auto bailout smackdown – GM turns to Germany

General Motors has seen better days...but not for a while now.

General Motors has seen better days...but not for a while now.

We applaud the fact that the proposed $25 billion auto bailout looks to be dead, for now.  But the fact that Chapter 11 is to only way for the former “Big Three” to actually reorganize in a way that could potentially be profitable again in the future, that hasn’t stopped General Motors from going elsewhere, with their hat in hand, begging for “help.”

GM has gone to the German government seeking loan guarantees to help keep their head above water. The fact of the matter is that they need to drown to be able to live on.

By filing for bankruptcy GM will be able to reopen contract negotiations with their suppliers and, more importantly, the UAW.  The UAW doesn’t like this idea because it would mean concessions from them to their employer.  They would seemingly rather completely ruin their employer, driving them out of business, than give one inch of common sense concessions that would benefit everyone in the long-term.  Seems the union contract has turned into a suicide pact.

If these companies were to go the way of the dodo, whom do you think would be out of work longer – the factory worker or the executive?  Which would be harder hit economically in the short-term?  Think about this when Card Check becomes an issue this January…

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