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Obama meets Chavez – Birds of a feather…

This is disturbing and not surprising at all. Note the smiles.
Birds of a feather…



The racism of Keith Olberman and Janeane Garofalo exposed…with humor.

Remember when Janeane Garofalo was funny?  Don’t worry, we barely do either.  Remember when Keith Uberdouche talked about subjects he knew a thing or two about?  Hint: it was when he was on ESPN.

Well, those days are long gone.  Now they just spew racism under the banner of tolerance, and the Left says nothing.  According to them all black people have to think alike, think like they do.  Nothing racist there, right?  Yeah.

Watch them get picked apart.


Debbie Stabenow wants to regulate talk radio, bring back Fairness Doctrine, to help her husband.

So Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow, well known for…um, something, not really sure what, is now going to make a push to censor conservative talk radio. While on the Bill Press Show, Bill touted Senator Stabenow as the leader in the Senate advocating for “progressive” talk radio, even though it doesn’t sell and the audiences don’t listen.

Well, there’s a reason Stabenow is champion for the type of talk radio, she’s got “skin in the game,” to steal a phrase from the President. Her husband, when not sleeping with 20 year old prostitutes, dabbles in the liberal talk radio business. So it’s only natural that she would seek to impose regulations to “balance” what people do want to listen to with what people don’t want to listen to, namely her husband’s products.


Iran pissed off at a movie (again) – *YAWN*

It wouldn’t be a year if the Iranian government didn’t get pissed off at some random thing that makes no difference in the world.  Well, it’s a year now.  Seems they’re pissed about the new Mickey Rourke movie because he’s mean to an Iranian flag.

You really can’t expect Americans to care when we have a right to burn ours.  If we are free to do that to ours what makes anyone think we’d give a damn about theirs?  And we seem to recall some footage of Iranians burning our flag, too.  Oh, and the storming of our embassy, which is actually our country, a few years ago.  So Iran can go stuff it! 

This is flag burning we can support!

This is flag burning we can support!

By the way, what the hell are Iranians doing watching a Mickey Rourke movie?  No one watches Mickey Rourke movies outside of 9 1/2 Weeks on DVD.  We didn’t even know he was still alive.  But now that we know his work pisses off the Iranian government…


The true nature of liberals – “I want Joe the Plumber dead!”

This is what you get when dare defy liberal radicals, members of the party of tolerance.  This guy is a jackass, but hardly rare.  Go to Kos or Huffington and spend a couple of minutes reading the comments section.

This guy needs to be fired!  NOW!


With friends like Alice Walker, Obama doesn’t need enemies.

Obama shows Hillary how it’s done.

In today’s Guardian, author Alice Walker (whose mediocre novel, The Color Purple, is injected into PC curriculums nationwide-at the expense, of course, of removing a true classic from the syllabus), spouts off about why she is supporting Barack Obama’s candidacy.  Perhaps of some irresistible impulse that may be sincere if impolitic, Walker manages to suggest American soldiers lay down their weapons and drive themselves out of Iraq (target practice) and lays the burden of the Palestinians squarely atop the state of Israel, America’s erstwhile ally.  There’s nonsense aplenty in here, but one more highlight here: As if she hadn’t gotten the memo explaining the logic of one of Obama’s favorite oratorical tricks is a bit faulty, as has been humorously pointed out by hundreds of commentators, she closes with this: “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”


Obama puts money where Jeremiah Wright’s mouth is.

Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright.

Obama’s church has come into considerable notoriety based on the controversial remarks made by it’s recently retired minister, Reverend Wright. Since the disclosing of rabid sermons that have enraged many Americans, Obama has sought to calm the winds by attempting to justify Wright’s sermons based on his experiences. Obama has clarified that he does not agree with what the Reverend said. Obama has even gone so far as to suggest he might have left the church had Rev. Wright stayed on.

Obama is certainly putting the verbal spacing between the two. His words will have to speak much louder than what his money says.

While Obama was pondering leaving the church, he donated $22,500 to it in 2006. Not quite chump change. Most people are not in the practice of donating heavily to organizations that have speakers they do not agree with. That said, Obama should receive credit for his public disclosure of his tax returns; clarity is important when considering national leaders. Even if it raises questions about affiliations with strange ministers.

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