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Some suggestions for (the guilt-ridden) Warren Buffett.

Bazillionare Warren Buffett (worth $52 billion) complained to NBC News that he pays a lower income tax rate than his employees and he thinks he should pay more.  We have a couple of suggestions for Mr. Buffett so he can stop feeling so guilty.

First, it’s safe to assume Mr. Buffett isn’t doing his own taxes, he makes too much to use a 1040 EZ form and we can’t imagine him in front of a PC using Turbo Tax and he’s not rolling into an H & R Block at noon on April 15th.  So we can safely say that he has an accountant, probably a team of accountants, doing his taxes. 

Mr. Buffett, since you want to pay more in taxes, we suggest you throw away every receipt you get throughout the year, just chuck them into the trash.  At the end of the year you’ll have nothing to write off and your tax rate will increase.  Maintenance on your yacht(s) written off as a business expense probably knocks a couple of bucks off your bill, so don’t take it, or anything like it.

Your houses (we assume you have a couple) probably cost a pretty penny and, most likely He's 3% water and 97% cold, hard the advice of an accountant, you are paying a mortgage instead of having paid straight-up cash.  Don’t deduct your interest – any of it.  Again, you tax bill goes up.

You recently gave and/or pledged billions to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to provide clean drinking water to poor areas of the world and fight malaria, among other things, and we applaud you for this.  But you probably got a healthy deduction for that donation – don’t take it.  Up goes your bill.

There are countless loopholes and accounting tricks available to rich guys like you, we don’t know them, but we bet your accountant does (otherwise what are you paying the guy for).  Don’t use them.  Do a straight-up tax return with no deductions beyond your individual deduction.  Your employees are paying a higher tax rate because they don’t have teams of accountants combing through the tens of thousands of pages of the tax code looking for ways to save them money.  How this doesn’t occur to you is a mystery.  But we’re not done.

There is a good chance that your corporation owns just about everything you own, or at least a good chunk of it.  Corporate tax law is just as screwed up at income tax law – opt out!  Take all of your income as income, pay yourself a salary!  Get taxed on what you get!

Try living like a normal person and not avail yourself of all the advantages out there for you. 

Or you could advocate for a flat tax where you couldn’t use those tricks. 

Better yet, instead of lamenting the fact that you can’t send more money to Washington, use it for good by investing it in small companies, start up companies all over the country.  That would stimulate the economy and, just as importantly, create jobs!  Hire people, hire good workers to do good things in good jobs that contribute to society, provide goods and services people want and need.  Then roll the billions you make off of that back into the same sort of enterprise, and so on.  More people with good jobs, innovation, economy grows, the cycle repeats.

How someone can who has achieved what you’ve achieved, especially in the field in which you’ve achieved it, is mind-boggling. 

Why don’t you do what you want Washington to do.  If there’s something the government does better than the private sector does, we’ve sure as hell never seen it.  Put your money where your mouth is, better yet, put it to work! 

This is basic math, sir.  You have a brain, you have the ability and you have the knowledge – don’t waste that still set by looking to government.  More people working, better jobs, a stimulated economy will all lead to increased revenues to the government anyway.  The government is collecting more money now, after the tax cuts you lament, than any time in history – by much more than liberals predicted. 

The problem is spending, spending on Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.  Those 3 programs consumer 2/3rds of the entire budget, and that’s going to increase exponentially as the baby-boomers retire that we need a stimulated economy – and massive reforms of those programs (in a hurry!) – to help us be able to keep anything of what we make.

No offense, but you’ll be long dead by 2040 and those 3 programs consume 100 percent of the federal tax revenues.  You want to make a difference, if you’re serious, make one of the companies you start be one that raises awareness of that and the need for reform. 

Or just cut us a check for the difference between what you pay and what you think you should pay.  We wouldn’t want you losing sleep.


Shocking news: Hollywood has a Leftist agenda!

As if you didn’t already know that Hollywood was a bastion of left-wing politics (just look at the number of new anti-war movies where the military is the bad guy), there is yet another group of people who seemly don’t have real jobs and/or have too much money and time on their hands who want the country to turn more socialist. 

The goal of the company, which was created last year but whose existence has not previously been reported, is to use the creative minds of Hollywood to create content — Web and television — designed to move a political or policy message.

Here’s a thought that never seems to cross the minds of these millionaire Hollywood Sean Penn is trying to find the after Oscar Party.types: help people with some of your own money! 

How many times have you heard about some moviemaker or singer’s charity fundraiser where they charge people to attend?  A lot.  When’s the last time you heard a star just give half of the $100 million they made in one year to insure people, or to some other cause they are railing against?  Um, never.

Adding your name and waiving your appearance fee is nice and helpful, but if you hop on your private jet and fly home to your estate afterwards, have you really done anything?

That’s not how the Left works.  They want everyone to pay higher taxes for their agenda, while they hire accountants to find every loophole and tax shelter they can to avoid paying taxes.

If they really wanted to help they would file without any deductions, close out the tax-free trusts they hide their money in, and pony up “their fair share,” as they like to say.  But that’s never going to happen.  They have no desire to live the way they want to impose on others.

It’s another “Let them eat cake” moment. 

Keep this in mind next time you’re watching TV or out to the movies; you may be in the target of a propaganda war and not even know it.  And odds are the movie will suck, too! 

How about you stick to making movies that don’t suck and aren’t based on old TV shows, and leave the country to the country?  Deal?

Hollywood has no idea what the real world is like, nor do they seem to have any new ideas, and we aren’t just talking about the movies they make.  Socialism and communism have been tried and proven to be huge failures.  All they’ve accomplished is stagnated economies, loss of freedom and collapse of governments, and that’s not even mentioning the death camps for citizens who “thought wrong.” 

Doesn’t it occur to anyone that the reason they have been able to become so rich is because of the capitalist system we have, or what remains of it?  Shouldn’t they encourage others to follow the path to success rather than advocate for systems that slam the door to success behind them? 

It’s difficult to tell if they’re evil or stupid, but there are enough of them out there hugging dictators to think there’s a little from column A and a little from column B.


Hugo Chavez: Sean Penn is the Anti-American’s Anti-American

Hey bud, let’s surrender.Sean Penn has a date with someone other than his wife, though rumors abound about how that is not rare, this one is.  After all, it’s not every day you get to meet with an oppressive dictator!

The Venezuelan Il Duce, Hugo Chavez, when not trying to steal private property or shut down opposition voices, takes time out of consolidating his power to meet with celebrities and Cindy Sheehan.  Now he’s meeting with and praising one of his idological brethern, Sean Penn.

Il Duce (or Il Douché as he should be known) wouldn’t comment on what he and Spicoli (Hey bud, let’s surrender) planned to do, but rumors we’re starting indicate the two plan a nice, quiet evening of wine, dinner and bowling.  We doubt those rumors will catch on, but what the hell.

They spoke by phone spoke by phone, both praising one another and cheering for the demise of the United States in Iraq.  Penn was not quoted as saying that he doesn’t care how bad any genocide in Iraq gets if he gets his way and surrenders to the terrorists (those with whom he identifies even more so than Chavez), and Hugo did not smile quietly to himself in agreement while stepping on the neck of his own countrymen. 

 Update:  They met today.  What a couple of douchbags.


Mickey the Marlboro Mouse rides off into the PC Sunset.

Mickey is not known for being Pity the independent filmmaker, always bucking the corporate media mentality for the sake of art. The latest outrage: Disney has decided that depictions of smoking are now verboten in its films, and the edict, apparently, will extend to the independents under the Disney umbrella, too.

Disney chief executive Bob Iger told Financial Times that the company will at least discourage Touchstone and Miramax from including smoking scenes in its films. A question for Igor: Will Touchstone no longer be involved in making movies like The Insider which was highly critical of the tobacco industry?

As the Financial Times reports, Igor says the ban is appropriate for consumers of Disney’s products. And by consumer he means Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.), chairman of the House Telecommunications and Internet subcommittee, to whom Igor sent a letter announcing Disney’s decision.


Thank God we’re protected from Big Meat!

Yay MEAT!Democrats commonly rail against the evils of “Big Tobacco,” “Big Pharma” or whatever their latest target is (read: non-donor.  You never hear them rail against Big Trial Lawyers since they have paid off the D’s).

Well, this year they’ve managed to target “Big Meat,” at least inadvertently. 

The American Meat Institute (AMI) every July has a hot dog cook-out for all Hill staff, to celebrate National Hot Dog Month.  This is an event generally looked forward to by staffers for two reasons:

One, PETA generally has half naked hot chicks giving away tofu dogs at a protest to try and stop people from eating meat.  Always a nice way to spend a lunch hour.  (See the picture from today.)

Two, AMI always brings in 3 former major league baseball players to sign autographs, free of charge, for any and everyone. 

That’s not even mentioning the fact that Hill staffers are known for consuming mass quantities of free food every chance they get.

But this, unlike last, wasn’t very crowded.  Why?  Because you couldn’t really get anything but your name badge signed to this year’s guests, Robin Roberts, Al Bumbry and Bob Boone. 

You see, in the past they gave out baseballs with the AMI logo on it to anyone who wanted an autograph.  The lines were long, the players friendly and the times good.

This year, thanks to insane “lobbying reforms” the balls would constitute a gift beyond the legal limit, therefore had to be scrapped.  So on one was getting anything signed.  What choice was there?  Having a Hall of Fame pitcher sign your corndog stick?

The problem with money and gifts in politics doesn’t trickle down so far that low-level, low paid staffers can be bought with a baseball.  Let’s face it, your average LC couldn’t influence anyone anyway. 

And the problem isn’t money in politics, it’s corrupt jackasses who can be bought off, like Duke Cunningham and William Jefferson.

Making it nearly impossible to function as a Hill staffer isn’t going to stop their bosses from doing things for their donors.  Most of the time the staff is unaware of who gives what to their boss, anyway.  And all these “Stop me before I kill again” restrictions on human interactions aren’t going to make a dent in the corruption that happens in this town.  Only the voters can do that, and they seem too disinterested to care.

Politics isn’t corrupt, but a lot of politicians are.

We hope they regain some sanity to their stupid rules by next year, but we aren’t holding our breath. 


Meet the Press: And in this corner…

Senators Lindsey Graham and Jim Webb (who seems to have taken a break in his search for a neck and illegally carrying guns around the Capitol) had it out on Meet the Press this morning.

Webb is in favor of cutting and running, surrender, for lack of a better word, and the establishment of an Islamo-fascist government in Iraq.  If, as he says, his family has been at this since the Revolutionary War he should know that it took this country years to get to where Iraq is today, and we nearly fell apart in that time.  For someone who claims to love history, he sure doesn’t seem like he knows it. 

He also doesn’t want Senator Graham to put words into the mouths of our soldiers, then immediately does just that by projecting his own views on to them. 

Graham blasts Webb by pointing out that he’s never been to Iraq.  Webb lies and says neither has Graham, which Graham quickly corrects.  Webb has never, and will never, be one to let facts stand in the way of a good story.

But what do you expect from a surrender monkey?


Jesse Jackson Jr., STFU

jjj.jpgIgnorantly firing off at the mouth must run in the family. So it is with Jesse Jackson the Junior and his mind-boggling interpretation of the constitution. Imparting his jurisprudential wisdom on the ignorant masses of the mid-west who vote him into office year after, he apparently thinks that ingrained constitutional executive authorities are, in fact, unconstitutional. See, according to Triple J, the President does not have the power to commute Scooter Libby’s sentence.

“Since the president has intervened in this process, it is now the Congress’ obligation and responsibility to intervene in the executive process and begin an inquiry into these very serious crimes against the constitution of the United States,” said Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Chicago).

Jackson says this time the president went too far. After word that Bush commuted Libby’s sentence Jackson plans to call on House Democrats to start impeachment proceedings.

No need to go into the long historical validity of the near absolute power of the President to pardon and commute sentences, let’s just go back to the last President.

Of course, that President was impeached.

From funding non-existant airports to complete ignorance of the Constitution, maybe Triple J is either confused or just stupid. Either way, STFU.

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