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Obama to the rescue of, well, everything.


Feeling sad about the economy?  Worried about your financial situation?  Forget the fact that people have been through much worse, even this country has been through much worse (we survived the Depression and Jimmy Carter’s Presidency), Barack Obama is going to save you.  Or at least offer pseudo-help.

The White House has come out with warning signs for depression over the economy, they can be found here.

Oddly enough, there is nothing on the site for people who are depressed that the President is ruining the country, making a natural correction of the economy much, much worse, spending the country into insurmountable debt, attempting to ruin health care, nationalizing industry and banks, all the while laughing and and having Wednesday night parties to maintain a sense of “normalcy.”  (What normal person has mid-week set for party time every week?)

Maybe the President will assign everyone their own personal Reggie Love, the guy that dials Obama Blackberry, because you can’t take a second to dial your phone or supply your own snacks when you’re THE ONE!

This is real.  You can read the whole story here.

At the same time, Obama will be constantly minded by his personal aide Reggie Love, who dials his BlackBerry, fetches his jacket and tie and supplies him with snacks.

Bet none of those greedy, evil CEOs on Wall Street had a dude to “fetch” their jackets.


Obama’s God Complex…in pictures.

Maybe he does think he’s The One, maybe it’s just the people around him, but whatever the case, someone is believing this stuff hard-core in the White House.

Sadly, while he walks on water, we all drown in his debt.

Click on the pick, it's official White House (all the way at the bottom)

Click on the pick, it's official White House (all the way at the bottom)



You could replace Gordon Brown with Barack Obama’s name in this speech and not miss a beat.

Just brilliant!


Government regulation gone…well, the way it always goes, mad.

What is it about the bureaucrat that makes them think they know best how to run anything, let along everything?  It isn’t history because they haven’t been able to successfully manage anything without a staggering amount of waste, fraud and abuse.  But as our President seeks to move health care into the web of bureaucrat control, take a look at what another, much small bureaucracy has brought the bar business.  After watching this ask yourself whether or not you think the mentality that created this insanity on a statewide level could effectively run every American’s health care on a national level…then think about moving to Canada if they try.


McCotter slams dems, Obama on AIG bonus grab.

Former First Friday guest Congressman Thaddeus McCotter lays out the very simple case of how Democrats, in an attempt to push through a “stimulus” bill that had nothing to do with stimulus and everything to do with political payoffs, created the monster they are now trying to kill.  If only Congress were given time to read the bill before voting on it someone would have noticed this and we wouldn’t be where we are now.


R’s: “We f’in told you so!”

This week, the Chosen One finds himself in a bit of a pickle. Outraged over $165 million in bonuses that are going out to participants in the AIG debacle, President Obama said yesterday he would “pursue every single legal avenue to block these bonuses.” Of course, aside from having no legal authority to carry out this threat, the only people on the planet who really know how AIG can get out of this mess are the ones who got them into it. Dishonoring contractual obligations would, at best, cause massive resignations and, at worst, invite huge lawsuits that could end up costing AIG (and taxpayers) more than the value of the bonuses.

So how does Obama balance the righteous indignation of the public with the reality of the situation? It will be interesting to watch.

At this moment, it is critical Republicans stand up and, as soberly as possible, say ‘we f***in’ told you so’.

If you’ll recall, the first version of the Bush-Obama TARP legislation failed in the House last September. At the time, a huge pool of Republicans and Democrats stood together to defeat the bill because it lacked real accountability, significant reform or proper oversight. It wasn’t until the Senate loaded it up with pork and other projects that the House eventually passed it (see: yet another reason for earmark reform).

And now look where we are. We’ve spent trillions trying to shore up Wall St. and none of it has worked. Why? Because we never held accountable those who got us into this mess, we did not mandate reform of the system to prevent this from happening again, and we did nothing to ensure proper oversight so the funds would be spent the way they were intended. We have given them blank check after blank check and crossed our fingers.

Perhaps the mega recession could have been avoided, perhaps not. But if we had done the right thing at the time, at least we would know what worked and what didn’t and could move forward. Instead, we are still clueless.

What’s done is done and what’s been spent is spent. Obama should stop digging and start over. Any money that leaves the Treasury at this point should be tied to vigorous accountability, reform and oversight.


Barney Frank outraged over bonuses, doesn’t seem to mind when it’s his friends.


This story on how Barney Frank is outraged over bonuses being given out to AIG officials is hillarious.  It’s not hilarious in the sense that it’s funny, but in the sense of irony, or lack of one, that Barney Frank talks about rewarding failure.  If he runs for reelection he will be asking the voters of his district to do the same.  All the Democrats featured in the video below will be doing the same…and far too many voters will reward failure.

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