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Obama’s God Complex…in pictures.

Maybe he does think he’s The One, maybe it’s just the people around him, but whatever the case, someone is believing this stuff hard-core in the White House.

Sadly, while he walks on water, we all drown in his debt.

Click on the pick, it's official White House (all the way at the bottom)

Click on the pick, it's official White House (all the way at the bottom)



Gov. Blago attempts to appoint an Obama successor, Democrats say no, race card immediately flies.

They hardly know each other...Just a guy from the neighborhood.

Blago and Obama: They hardly know each other...Just a guy from the neighborhood.

Forget daytime soap operas, the happenings in Illinois are much more entertaining.  Today Governor Blagojavich, under pressure to resign of be impeached from everyone on the planet with any sense of common sense, decided to defy the State Senate and appoint a successor to Barack Obama anyway.  His choice is Roland Burris.  How or why Burris is, as yet, unknown, except that there is little doubt Burris or his people were not caught on tape offering the governor anything (maybe they had the good sense to handle their dealings in person?).

But Senate Democrats, wanting not to be tainted by any more scandal than they already are, have said “thank you, no” to Blago’s pick, stating publicly they will not seat Burris in the Senate.

Immediately the race card was played by Congressman Bobby Rush, well known race-baiter.  Congressman Rush said,

“This is a matter of national importance. There are no African Americans in the Senate, and I don’t think that anyone, any U.S. senator who’s sitting in the Senate right now, wanna go on record to DENY one African American from being seated in the U.S. Senate. I don’t think they want to go on record doing that”…

So again we have a liberal saying that only blacks can represent blacks, thereby only whites can represent whites.  But what do you really expect from the party of tolerance?  Tolerance or something?


Caroline Kennedy – The more “you know”

Speaks for itself.


Caroline Kennedy – Clueless (which may help her fit in in the Senate)

Caroline Kennedy - "lucky sperm," dim bulb.

Caroline Kennedy - "lucky sperm," dim bulb.

Caroline Kennedy, the last remaining blood member of the “Camelot” most people think was some sort of mythical moment in US history, is on a quest of her own – to be appointed US Senator from New York.  Unfortunately for her, she comes across like a valley girl in this interview with the New York Daily News.   Quoted saying “you know” 11 times in the interview (God knows how many times she said it when they didn’t quote her), it is pointed out that she has never voted for a Republican.

Despite her closeness with the mayor, Kennedy said she has never voted for him, or any Republican for that matter, and insisted she will support the Democratic candidate for mayor next year.

While that would make her a mind-numbed moron who simply follows the party she was born into without looking at the issues under normal circumstances, she’s really not.  She hasn’t voted often enough for that to be the case, which comes as a surprise to her, too.  When this was pointed out to her she told the Associated Press:

“I was really surprised and dismayed by my voting record.  I’m glad it’s been brought to my attention.”

What do they teach people at Harvard?  That you can simply register to vote, vote once, and that covers you for the rest of your life?  It’s pretty clear that the Harvard faculty would prefer if elections didn’t happen regularly, as long as the “right” people were in power, but you’d think the professors would let it slip that they occur more than once in a lifetime.

Is this really the best the Democrats in New York can offer up?


Bobby McFerrin would be most pleased.

 Don’t worry, be happy.

Americans are getting happier and feeling better about the future, though they still don’t like President Bush much and really seem to hate the Democrat controlled Congress. 

The latest poll of attitudes is out, and it includes this statistic: 54 percent of Americans think the country is headed toward recession.  Lovely. 

Interestingly enough, they didn’t ask people to define recession, probably because most couldn’t and are only answering this way because, for a while at least, every Democrat near a microphone was saying we were in one, though you would hope at least they would know what one was. 

Since the passage of the “stimulus” package, that talk as slowed or stopped because Democrats are now official part-owners of the economy they said needed to be fixed.


Google Android – Pretty boring so far.

Google Android is seemingly without soul.There has been a lot of talk about Google’s planned foray into the mobile phone platform market, people have been waiting with baited breath to see what innovations they will come up with to improve what is out there now.  The answer is that they aren’t, you’re supposed to.  While the Android platform opens up many possibilities, the demo video they’re produced is pretty boring and seems more like an ad for an iPhone than anything else.

You have to assume someone will come up with some kind of interesting things for the mobile phone to make it more like a portable PC, but what else could they add to what already exists?  Not a whole lot when you think about it.  A Blackberry and an iPhone already does pretty much everything you can really need to do on a portable device.  Sure, it’s kind of cool to be able to view a web page on your portable the way it looks on a PC, but do you really need to view it that way?  Are news stories without the graphics and banners really less useful than pages that give you the same information without some of the pictures?

Google has a long way to go, and by that we mean you developers out there, before anyone will get excited over the minimal, if any, differences Android will bring about compared to what already exists.

Check out the the video and see for yourself.  (PS – The video itself would’ve been more entertaining had they employed people who could deliver a line in any sort of convincing way.)


Quick question on tax “rebates”

Now that a deal has been struck between the White House and Congress to give us back some of our money to help “stimulate” the economy, how can Democrats continue to claim that tax cuts aren’t good?  Wouldn’t allowing us to keep more of our own money in the first place be better than the government having to incur the expense of collecting it and then write us a check for some of it back?  And if giving some back early stimulates a lagging economy, couldn’t not taking it in the first place have helped avoid this situation altogether?  Just wondering…

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