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Frozen Wasteland! Where is Global Warming when we need it?

This is brilliant!!!!


Kill your family to save the planet – the global warming nuts reach a new low.

He's just crazy enough to do it!

He's just crazy enough to do it!

There are stories that you simply can’t make up because no one would believe you. They also require little comment. This reporter wonders if taking out his whole family might be the best way to deal with a potential water shortage…

Depressed? Well, it’s a sign of the grim times for our planet when pre-schoolers are worrying about something as basic as water, a commodity which my generation never even thought about at his age.

When I look at my kids like my son and wonder what kind of place the world will be when they are my age – about 2050 – I find myself wondering if me and my family shouldn’t just open the balcony doors of my 16th floor apartment and do the planet a favour by jumping out.


Cap and Trade : “Electricity Rates will necessarily skyrocket” – Barack Obama

The stock market crashes while Nero, er, President Obama fiddles and conga lines are formed in his honor.  Shouldn’t the President care that people’s 401k’s are tanking?  He should, but he doesn’t.  Could the reason be that he wants the government to take over the whole personal retirement industry as well?  Probably.  But another reason could be that he has no “skin in the game” since he’s not much of an investor either.

You will find that Barack Obama doesn’t care much about things that do not directly impact him or his friends.  What does he care if energy costs skyrocket?  He doesn’t pay his electric bill.  Besides, when he leaves office he’s going to get a payday from his tax-sheltered billionaire buddies that will make any payday in human history look like chump change.

That’s why he has no qualms about implementing a cap and trade system on the United States to fight the myth that is global warming.  What will that mean to you?  While he probably won’t admit it now, he did at one point.  See below, and start saving now you can afford lights in your house in the future.

In case you didn’t know, in Washington, DC yesterday there was a global warming protest put on by a bunch of hippies and moronic college students bused in by their professors.  Also, in case you didn’t know this, it snowed like crazy the night before.  The protest went on without even a hint of a sense of irony.  The picture below, from our friends at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, captures the moment and their movement perfectly.



Douchebag of the Week – Robert Kennedy Jr.

Douchebag of the Week!Our winner this week could have easily been House Democrats for their taxpayer funded retreat to a luxury spa in Williamsburg, Virgina, but the fact that liberals look at tax dollars as their own money to spend how they like comes as a shock to no one.  So, while totally douchey, not really DBoTW level of doucheyness.

Our winner this week is rabid environmentalist (and at least should be Katherine Hepburn impersonator) Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.   When we say rabid environmentalist we don’t mean he wants to live by those standards, but we aren’t going to talk about his hypocrisy here.  His offense is claiming that the pork industry is a greater threat to the United States than Osams bin Laden.

There are a million ways this is just plain stupid, just check the “Global Warming Myth” category on this blog for enough evidence to disprove that garbage.  But to claim a food production industry is a greater threat to the United States than the leader of a terrorist network hell-bent on the destruction of the country is borderline “special,” if you catch our drift.

This really requires no comment, so we’re going to stop and just post the video below.  The audio quality isn’t the best, but in the first 2 minutes you hear all you need to.

RFK, Jr., you may well be a nice guy, but you are a total douchebag.  And this week, you are king.  You are our Douchebag of the Week.

One last question, how did you offset the carbon footprint of the massive amount of K0ol Aid you’ve clearly consumed?


Obama’s global warming czar a socialist – no one surprised.

Global Warming

When news broke that President-elect Barack Obama’s choice for “climate czar” was a hard-core socialist no one was shocked. Why not? Because that’s what the whole movement has been about since day one.

When you can used “global warming,” or now “climate change” since the Earth is cooling, as justification for imposing control over everyone’s lives, the government grows and liberty dies. Then you end up being told what size TV you can have and you get small towns asking for, and expecting to get, more than $1.9 million per person from the federal government to “go green.” Wake up, people!


The AP and Global Warming – They haven’t just jumped the shark, they had sex with it.

Bow before Pope Goreus the IV (and don't forget to buy his Carbon Credits!)

Bow before Pope Goreus the IV (and don't forget to buy his Carbon Credits!)

The once-credible Associated Press has officially jumped the shark. While in recent years they have exposed their lack of journalistic integrity (a phrase fast becoming an oxymoron), they have gone even further. Not content to simply slant towards liberal candidates and politicians, they are have now become a full-service left-wing site that advocates for liberal causes as well.

This articleabout how Barack Obama has to move quickly on the issue of global warming because, and you’re going to love this, the cooling that the Earth is going through “actually illustrates how fast the world is warming.”

Drink that in for a second.  Read the article for yourself to see the fact that that quote is not taken out of context.

The article starts out with the objective paragraph:

When Bill Clinton took office in 1993, global warming was a slow-moving environmental problem that was easy to ignore. Now it is a ticking time bomb that President-elect Barack Obama can’t avoid.

Can you hear it?  Tick, tick, tick, boom! 

Only there’s no boom.  Not even a fizzle. 

The AP writer Seth Borenstein (we dare not call him a reporter, it has a definition that doesn’t apply to what he does) could have, with a simple Google search, found countless facts and figures about how his dire statements are, just like the religion of global warming, not based in fact.

Take this onefrom Jennifer Marohasy, Australian scientist:

…there has been cooling, if you take 1998 as your point of reference. If you take 2002 as your point of reference, then temperatures have plateaued. This is certainly not what you’d expect if carbon dioxide is driving temperature because carbon dioxide levels have been increasing but temperatures have actually been coming down over the last 10 years.

Or, this douchebag could have simply read this story, ignored by most of the media because it doesn’t fit with their dogma, that shows the oceans have been cooling.  Hard to imagine how a planet warming could have 2/3rds of it cooling at the same time.  (By the way, for you true believers, there is nothing that cools the ocean, the whole ocean, naturally.)

The fact that the Earth has been cooling since 1998 is roundly ignored, even though it was announced by NASA, where all the true believers get their data.  The year 1998 was NOT the warmest on record, it was 1934.  You remember 1934, right?  The year the Hummer came out and people were awash in cash to buy them and drive for fun?  Oh wait, that was the Great Depression.  Seems odd the planet could have been warming then, doesn’t it?

These religious zealots want control, period.  Control over you, your life and, most importantly, your money.  And they will try to scare the hell out of you and lie to you to get it.  And now they have a President who wants the same thing.

We swear to Earth.


The Semantics of “climate change.”


Remember global warming? The environmentalist wackos hope you don’t, because if you do their whole case falls apart.

Pope Goreus the IV, Al Gore, has led the fight in the new semantic argument, changing the term “global warming” to the new catch-all “climate change.”

Why the change? Well, the earth is cooling, which really throws a monkey wrench into the gears of the global warming. If the opposite of what you claim is happening people might start to question your motives. God forbid the people discover this is nothing more than a government power grab.

The truth is they changed the name to “climate change” because it doesn’t matter what happens now, it can all be blamed on humans. If the threat of an ice age returns, like it was “pressing” in the 1970’s, they’ve got it covered. Doesn’t matter what happens, storms, drought, floods, tsunami, earthquake, doesn’t matter, they’ve got it covered and government needs to do something – i.e. tax the hell out of you and steal your liberty.

Keep one eye on them and the other on your wallet.

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