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President-Elect Obama – Put your money where your mouth is and send your kids to public school.

Some people do, they're called elites.

Some people do, they

This op-ed in USA Today urges Barack and Michelle Obama to send their kids to Washington, DC public schools.  Recently Michelle Obama has been touring some of the country’s most exclusive private schools to find the best place to send their 2 children.

Why should they send their kids to public schools?  Because Obama has extolled the virtues of public school throughout the campaign, praising teachers and their union as only needing more money to be able to give us the results they have failed to give us hundreds of billions of dollars ago.  He also opposes school vouchers for parents who, unlike him, can’t afford the best private schools in the country.  Since DC spends more per student than any other school district in the country (with one of the worst results), the Obamas can put their theory to the test first hand.

That won’t happen.  They will claim security concerns, even though the Secret Service won’t have any.  Amy Carter went to public schools in DC, but no Presidential children since have.  Why not the Obamas?

The ultimate bit of hypocrisy is when you deny others the right to a choice you exercise yourself.  When it is announced that the Obama children will be attending Sidwell Friends the media will gloss over the fact that it is the highest form of elitism.

After all, if a child is a choice, why shouldn’t where a child is educated be one, too?


Barack Obama on education, try the failed British system!

You may remember a while back this soundbite of Barack Obama talking about his plan for education.  It boils down to having the government take care of every child’s every need and we get the joy of footing the bill while the teachers unions continue to fail.  Listen to the clip here, it’s one of the most disturbing things he’s said so far and he’s said plenty of disturbing things.

While disturbing, to say the least, we came across this clip from an old British TV show that pretty rips apart Barack’s central planning, socialist goal.  It’s 6 minutes long but worth a watch.


Educating the pill popping generation.

Interesting video on the subject of ADHD.  If you didn’t have what would now be considered ADHD growing up you really missed out on one of the joys of childhood – being a ball of energy/borderline spazz every once in a while.


Paying for passing – Students to get cash to pass, teachers’ unions oddly silent.

Teachers = good, teachers unions = not so good

First of all, paying students to do what is required of them is insane; it’s like rewarding someone for NOT doing the wrong thing.  That said, a school in Waterbury, Connecticut has instituted a policy of paying students who pass advanced placement exams.  The “prize” of $100 for each test passed is seen as an incentive to work and study hard to do well in something they should already be working and studying hard to do well in.  What’s curious is the teachers’ unions aren’t absolutely outraged over this.

The concept of a union is that everyone should be treated equally, no exceptions.  Everyone gets the same raise, same pay per number of years served, etc.  But if they can stand by and allow the argument that offering extras as an incentive to do better, doesn’t that blow away the theory that everyone should be paid the same?  Shouldn’t good teachers be rewarded and bad teachers let go?  Just something to think about…


Obama on education – the state knows best.

Barack Obama wants to hook your kids on socialism while they’re young.

 Barack Obama appeared on Hardball last night as part of their college tour series and spent an hour promising everyone everything.  Why would he appear on a college campus?  Because he got softball questions from people who are knee-deep in the indoctrination process of liberal academia so are less likely to ask anything difficult.  With Chris Matthews as host, presumably with “thrills running up his leg,” he could be reasonably sure this would be nothing more than a pep-rally, and it was.

The last question of the night was about education, inner city eduction, to be exact, but his answer was straight out of the European socialist playbook where the state controls everything in your life, from birth to death.  (LISTEN TO HIS ANSWER BY CLICKING HERE)

Obama’s solution to the eduction problem is the state, the state needs to fund pre-k, make sure everyone is eating a healthy diet, though he doesn’t say how that’s possible but you can bet he wants school breakfasts and lunches paid for by us, along with after school programs and summer programs.  Essentially, he’s calling for parents to birth children and collect them from the state when they reach the age of 18, unless they go to college, then they can pick them up later.

One of the most disturbing parts of what Obama says is that in the 9th or 10th grade he wants to find out what kids are good at or interested in and put them on a path that will lead them to that end.  If by 10th grade you aren’t good at academics, he’s willing to put you in an apprentice program for a manual labor job.  Who knew what they wanted to do with their life when they were in 9th or 10th grade?  Would you want to have your life determined by the person you were then?  Yes, many kids will not go on to a 4 year college after high school, but many will eventually go to college, just not right after high school.  In Obama’s America, you won’t have that option.

His calls for more paying teachers more is a clear pander to the teachers unions, but Democrats always mean that because they have to buy them off.  We spent $600 BILLION on education in 2006, or $8,700 per student.  How much do we have to spend to make it right?  We don’t need to spend more on education, we need to spend better on eduction.  We need to cut the fat in the form of administrators and bloated bureaucracy, then you can pay teachers more with some of the money saved.  The problem is that won’t improve education. 

A teacher is either a good teacher or a bad teacher.  Their unions make no distinction between the two, you can’t reward a good teacher with anything other than a certificate as “teacher of the year,” or some such nonsense, and you can’t punish bad teachers, either by firing them or not giving them a raise.  This is the system as Obama likes it, or at least the way the Democrats demand it be because there’s money in it for them.

It’s a corrupt bargain that is harming this country more than anyone can measure.  While teachers unions complain about not being paid enough, test scores drop.  They then decry standardized tests, claiming they’re forced to “teach to the test.”  Well, those tests test the basics, the information every person in the country should know, so they damn well should teach to the test!  How can a math or English teacher complain about having to teach basic math or English?  When they have a union backing them up and tenure to protect them, that’s how.

Teachers unions don’t give a damn about students, they exist to protect the jobs of teachers for the sole purpose of collecting their dues. 

Democrats need to shed the shackles of the teachers unions, rid themselves of the slave mentality to their wallet and wise up.  There is no connection between more money and smarter students.  There is, however, a significant connection between better teachers and better students, and parents who are interested in their kids lives and better students.  Thanks to the Democrats, we can’t get better teachers and we can’t judge and put social pressure on bad parents, so they propose the government taking over the role. 

Let’s hope the American people wise up in time, though with most of us having come out of those public schools don’t expect the answer to be the right one.


Liberals only support our troops when they support their surrender agenda – the story of Forest Lake High School.

Vet for Freedom tour

 Steve Massey, principal of Forest Lake High School in Minnesota, is either a coward or a typical left-winger who doesn’t want to hear opinions with which he disagrees. 

Massey cancelled a scheduled event featuring Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans from the group Vets for Freedom because he said it “was becoming a political event.”  You can read his whole statement here.  Just how it was becoming a political event he didn’t say, probably because it wasn’t.  But that doesn’t mean the hate America first crowd didn’t call the school to complain, which they admitted, and threatened to protest it.  How douchebag Leftists that have nothing to do with the event can make an event too political, especially when they can’t enter the school, remains a mystery. 

But Massey had enough and cancelled the event at the last minute, leaving the soldiers, one of whom is a graduate of the school, out in the cold.  They were able to find an alternate venue for their discussion, an American Legion Hall but were worried about getting an audience there.

If you are as disgusted by this complete caving into the Left-Wing radicals as we are, let your opinions be known.  Here’s the contact information for the Forest Lake School District.  Let them know they shouldn’t cave in to pressure from either side when it comes to our military and that the men and women who fight to protect our right to free speech should not be denied theirs.  Be civil, whoever answers the phone didn’t make this decision, just let them know they are wrong.

Forest Lake Area Schools
District Office

6100 N 210th St  
Forest Lake, MN 55025
Main Line: 651-982-8100 

Superintendent Lynn Steenblock:

Administration & Human Resources:

Business Office: 651-982-8126

Communications: 651-982-8118


Teachers under attack! Trying to get rid of bad teachers.

Please nominate all bad teachers!Tenure is an interesting thing, it pretty much means you can’t be fired, unless you’re convicted of a crime, and then only sometimes. 

Speaking personally, so you know where I’m coming from on the tenure thing, a teacher and her husband in my high school were arrested for their part in a cocaine smuggling ring.  After a year in jail, the husband turned state’s evidence in exchange for charges being dropped against her.  The next school year she was out of jail and back teaching French thanks to her tenure. 

Well, Rick Berman (linking his Wikipedia page here so no one can claim we don’t know the “evil” he’s tried to do by imposing freedom), one of the most hated people in the world of “regressives,” er, progressives, has come up with a plan to expose bad teachers who live safely behind the bars of tenure: offer them money to quit.

An offer of $10,000 cash to the 10 worst (only 10?  tough to narrow them down) will be made IF they resign, hopefully to be replaced by competent replacements.  Needless to say, the teacher’s unions aren’t very happy about this.

They don’t like stories about bad teachers, undoubtedly because stories about them cause thoughts like, “Why don’t they just fire them?” and that leads to the realization by the person thinking that thought that they can’t be fired.  Having something or someone that isn’t any good forced down people’s throats leaves a bad taste in most people’s mouths, and unions don’t like bad press.  There’s a reason unions are becoming irrelevant – they can’t adapt to changing times.

Of Berman’s plan, the President of the American Federation of Teachers, Edward McElroy said, well, not much.  Being a good leftist, he attacked the messenger, saying of Berman that he “lobbied against the Americans with Disabilities Act, against checkpoints to catch drunken drivers and against increasing the minimum wage.”  Way to avoid the point, Eddie.

McElroy went on to complain that Berman “is coming after teachers at a time when most Americans support education and want to make improving education a top national priority.”

Yes, education is a national priority…because it’s been SO BAD for SO LONG!  Thanks, in large part, to teacher’s unions unwillingness to rid schools of teachers who are there only for a paycheck or those who simply can’t do the job well.  Oops!

Berman has started a website where people can nominate bad teachers to make the top 10, and hopefully take the cash and run. 

We support what Berman is attempting to do.  If money were the biggest problem in education, as the unions always complain that it is, schools in Washington, DC would be the best in the nation because they spend more there per pupil than any other district in the country.  As you know, they are not.

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