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Are You Ready To Settle Down For A Good Read?

If you’re looking for a good read DON”T pick up Nancy Pelosi’s new book Know Your Power: A Message to America’s Daughters.  Instead cozy up to your computer and read the online reviews of Pelosi’s new book at  Here is just a sampling of the well crafted reviews you’ll find there:

  • It just rang hollow to me. I was really hoping for a more compelling read from someone who holds such an important position in our government. After seeing her on The View the other day and liking her, I checked out her book from the library. I read it in a few hours – It didn’t have much substance and left me wondering why she didn’t put more thought or feeling into it if she was going to bother writing a book. Maybe it’s because of the advice she was given by a colleague to keep conversations short… Subject – Question – Reaction, I believe was the advice she cites in the book. That’s how the book reads, kind of like an advertising brochure. Not very satisfying at all.
  • Very tough to get through. Weak and shallow substance. Expected much better and was thoroughly disappointed. Did she really think she had a winner here? Great idea for a book, but zero in the delivery. Could not recommend this to anyone.
  • Nothing you’d want to hand over to your daughter. Pelosi comes across as a very angry person and so who wants to turn their kid into a nutcase. Many other mentors exist in the world more worthy of your child’s eyes to read.
  • This book is completely unnecessary to read. It’s boring, uninformative and condescending to readers. Madeleine Albright she is not. Save your money and skip this book.

Book Review – Upstream: The Ascendance of American Conservatism


If you are a conservative, Upstream: The Ascendance of American Conservatism is a must read!!  Alfred Regnery has presented a complete and well organized history of the ascendance of conservatism in America that is informative and entertaining to read.

Regnery’s book follows the intellectual and political climb of conservatism from all angles.  He discusses the issues, people, and events that have lead to America moving from a center-left nation to a center-right nation. 

As the benefits and legacy of Ronald Reagan’s conservative movement begin to fade into the pages of history it is time for a new generation of conservatives to take the torch he held so high and write the next chapter of conservatism.  Regnery has given us, the next generation of conservatives, a primer on how to write that chapter.

Upstream is a must read for all conservatives.  

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