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UCLA attempts to tug at your heart strings, instead exposes elitism.

This sad tale of woe attempts to tug at your heart strings and inspire sympathy in the reader does just the opposite, makes the subject seem like cry-baby and the writer seem like an insulated douchebag.

Yes, Stephanie Solis got screwed by her parents because they didn’t tell her that they’re here in the country illegally until she was older, if you believe her story, but so what.  What did she do when she found out?  Nothing.  Didn’t go to INS and make her case, which would be pretty easy to make, if her story is true, and get legal.

The story in the UCLA student paper details the “hardships” Stephanie had to go through in order to graduate, tragedies like public transportation and working.  Welcome to the real world, Stephanie.  Most of us had to work our way through college and/or are paying off a lot of money in loans.  Here’s a tip, if it costs a ton of money to go to a particular school, go to a different school!

You can’t really complain about the choices you made and expect others to feel sorry for you because those choices had consequences, clear consequences that in no way could be considered to have snuck up on you. 

No one cares that your life sucks because you haven’t done anything to make your life not suck.  And quit bitching that you’ve had to work while going to college, most Americans don’t even go to college, they go straight to work for 40 years, so you’re ahead of the curve.

As for the writer of the article, Jessica Chou, she needs to be her head of where the sun don’t shine and the air quality it poor and realize lines like this one aren’t going to inspire anything but a “so f-ing what!” from most people:

Instead, many undocumented students are forced to pick up odd jobs to pay for their education.

Only a Liberal who hasn’t earned much but has a lot could look at that line and think it is somehow unique to illegal aliens.  Anyone not born with a silver foot up their ass works their way through college, if they’re lucky enough to go in the first place.  To call that being “forced to pick up odd jobs to pay for their education” exposes the bubble in which Jessica has lived her life.


Who needs amnesty?

Who needs Amnesty when you can get the same breaks as citizens without the hassle?

This story from a reader in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, so thanks.

Gov. Deval Patrick said Thursday he’s looking into whether he can skirt the Legislature by unilaterally allowing illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition at state colleges.

Yeah, why try to do something unpopular through the legislative process where you run risk of losing?

Wonder what a kid from Ohio thinks when they see this and their tuition bill…


Poll shows people reject the position Hillary took, then renounced, then took, then sort of supported kind of in the last Democratic debate.

An overwhelming number of Americans prefer laws to be enforced rather than skirted for political gain.  A new Fox 5 – Washington Times – Rasmussen poll found fully 77 percent of Americans do not want driver’s licenses issued to illegal immigrants.

Imagine that, 77 percent of Americans support upholding the law and New York Governor Eliot Spitzer supports breaking it.  Senator Hillary Clinton can claim to be on whichever side suits her purposes at the moment she is asked about this since she pretty much covered both sides of the issue in the last debate while simultaneously standing in the middle.  Her final answer was so confusing that she may have created a new category as yet unnamed by scientists.

It’s not that Hillary is afraid to take tough questions, it’s that she’s afraid to give tough answers.  She wants to be all things to all people.  Unfortunately for her, she doesn’t have the political skills of her husband and ends up being nothing to most people. 

Just in case you missed it, here is the ad the Edwards campaign cooked up after the last debate.


Pelosi: Enforcing laws a bad idea.

We would accuse House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of pandering to a Hispanic audience when she called securing our borders a “terrible idea,” but she has a long track record of not having any interest in respecting the laws of this country, particularly the Constitution.

She then went on to blame everyone under the sun except people who have actually Imagine waking up next to me every morning!broken the law for illegal immigration and the fact that YOUR tax dollars aren’t going to subsidizing illegal aliens attending college.

“It just isn’t fair,” Pelosi said. “Those young people who came to America one way or another … their opportunities are curtailed because of the situation. And it’s not only harmful to them – it’s harmful to the country.”

Illegal immigration is harmful to the country, Madame Speaker.  And the “one way or another” to which you refer could only mean legally or illegally.  Legally is great, we need more of it with the proper checks to make sure we aren’t letting in criminals or terrorists.  The illegally part is not so good and is, in fact, ILLEGAL! 

It is no surprise Pelosi is touting the nightmarish DREAM ACT, a bill containing some of the amnesty portions of the failed comprehensive immigration legislation the public shot down just a few weeks ago. 

For a party that claims to be fighting for the “people’s will” by doing all it can in an attempt to lose the war on terror, they certainly have no interest in the people’s will on any other issue.  On every domestic policy issue facing the country today they serve their masters, George Soros and his billionaire friends and their socialist agenda. 

(As an end note: Is George Soros really a philanthropist?  Does giving money to political causes that advance your personal agenda qualify as such?  Or does what Bill and Melinda Gates do, give money to fund organizations actually on the ground making lives better and helping people help themselves, qualify more?  We don’t think giving money to legalize drugs, weaken national security and impose socialism is “charity.”  He can give all the money he wants to those causes, don’t get us wrong, our issue is with referring to him as though he is some nobleman helping the poor then, in reality, he is advocating a system that hurts the poor and funding organizations that stifle free speech (read: Media Matters).  Just a thought.)


Judge orders law not to be enforced; ACLU happy. (Amnesty by another name.)

A US Federal Judge has blocked the federal government from enforcing a law designed to alert US companies that they may have hired illegal aliens.  The judge, Maxine Chesney, ordered a temporary halt to letters being sent from the Social Security Administration to employers letting them know that the information they’ve submitted (Social Security number) does not match an American, therefore the employee is most likely an illegal who made it up.

The ACLU and AFL-CIO, two ultra-left-wing powerhouses, have teamed up to stop the enforcement of that law for their own reasons.

The ACLU did it because they believe in “open borders” and rights for illegal aliens, the also support amnesty for those who have broken US law by entering the country illegally.

The AFL-CIO is involved in this because they hope to unionize these workers since their own membership is dropping faster than the approval ratings for Congress.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.  We’re fairly certain if this were put to a vote the membership of the AFL-CIO would vote it down, but that is no concern of union leadership.  They’ve never really been the type to give a damn what the people that pay their large salaries think when it comes to politics.

Expect the case to be around for a while, and most likely end up in the Supreme Court.  Liberals cannot get what they want through legislation or through the electoral process, but the unpopularity of their ideas has never stopped them before. 

If you notice, liberals to not run on issues they attempt to adjudicate through the court system because they are so unpopular.  They spew platitudes and lies while their allies subvert the democratic process in the court system.  This is exactly the reason they hate conservative judges, because they won’t make up the law as they see fit, they will do what the Constitution requires of them; judge the legality of an issue based upon laws passed by the elected representatives of the people.  Since they can’t get their agenda passed that way, they’ve found another.

Keep and eye on this case.  It’s essentially amnesty by another route, and it must be stopped.


Elvira on breaking the law: Giddy Up Oom Poppa Omm Poppa Mow Mow

Elvira Arellano (remember her?), the immigration celebrity who has been breaking US law since 1997, is basking in the support of the Mexican Senate, for whatever that’s worth, in her fight to be forgiven for illegally entering this country at least twice and stealing someone’s Social Security number to work in Chicago.  Naturally, the Senate didn’t mention that they love the flow of money back to Mexico from both legals (which is good) and illegals (which is, well, illegal) since their government is so riddled with corruption that their economy does not grow, therefore cannot support their population.  It’s just easier to encourage law breaking than to address your own law breaking and bad decisions.

Elvira told a press conference that the US broke the law first by “allowing” her to enter the country illegally and by “allowing” her to pay taxes.  What a fundamental misunderstanding of how things work. 

We wish we were “allowed” to pay taxes, because that implies a lack of requirement.  Were it not required, under threat of legal action (up to and including prison time) we’re pretty sure most people would “opt” not to, or at least not to pay as much.  But that’s just us, we’re crazy like that.

As for her charge of being “allowed” to enter the country illegally, does she have a note from the government giving her permission?  Doubt it.  So the only other options were that she entered the country legally through a border checkpoint and didn’t inform the authorities that she had no intention of leaving, or she crossed the border someplace else (read: snuck across) hoping no one would catch her, and no one did.

She is the current face of illegal aliens in the news, which is fine.  She can complain and lie all she wants, just as long as she does it from Mexico while waiting in line with those who want to immigrate LEGALLY. 

As we said in the podcast, we wish her and everyone waiting LEGALLY to enter this country luck and speed in getting in.  It is the place to be, after all.  But get impatient, break the law, and you face the consequences. 


Hey, stop applying the law to her!

Someone you’ve probably never heard of before today, Elvira Arellano, has finally been deported back to Mexico a year after she was ordered out of the country for being here illegally and, it would seem, identity theft.

She got a job in Chicago at O’Hare airport with a false Social Security number, which is generally code for someone else’s Social Security number. 

Not content to simply break the law, Elvira decided to defy the court ordered deportation as well, and took refuge in a church for a solid year. 

She decided to come out of hiding to speak at a rally in Los Angeles about her “plight.”  She was arrested and justice was handed out immediately there after. 

But, given our porous borders and lax enforcement, don’t bet on her being gone for long. 

Illegals who continually refuse to follow the laws (and let’s face it, our country isn’t exactly Fort Knox when it comes to allowing people in here legally) should never be allowed citizenship, no matter what.  Follow the rules, wait your turn, and welcome.  Break them, take cuts, break our laws while you’re here and forget it, kid.

The most telling line in the article is a quote from someone called Javier Rodriguez who is described as a Chicago immigration activist.  Javier seems to have a fundamental misunderstanding of what law and order means.  Actually, he probably just doesn’t give a damn.  After her arrest Javier said,

“How dare they arrest this woman?”

Indeed, Javier, how dare they.  Oh yeah, the court order she was defying. 

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