Politico’s bias is showing

Politico has a piece today on Democrat groups banding together to fight the right-wing money machine!

Faced with overwhelming financial firepower on the right, Democratic-aligned super PACs and advocacy groups are increasingly joining forces in a collaborative effort to bolster President Barack Obama and a select number of House and Senate candidates for the 2012 general election.

That’s how it opens, and it’s all downhill from there.

It goes on to hit all the buzzwords, “billionaires,” “Koch,” etc.

What it mentions isn’t news, what it omits is.

There’s no mention of President Obama’s stated intention to raise a billion dollars for his campaign, the hundreds of millions unions have and will continue to dump into ads, or the name Soros. It’s not a David vs. Goliath picture they paint, it’s zygote vs Goliath. Only that zygote has billions and billions at its disposal.

I’d call it lazy reporting but it’s not lazy, it’s blatant.


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