Don’t Mess With…North Dakota?

Voters in North Dakota will vote this Tuesday on whether or not they should eliminate their state’s property tax – completely.

North Dakota is experiencing a boom right now thanks to a thriving green energy oil industry, so the state has money. But many groups oppose the measure, most notably the Chamber of Compromise, er, Commerce and public employees’ unions, which only makes me like the idea all the more.

Officials, in typical fashion, are wondering where the state would make up the money if the tax was eliminated. No report indicates the idea of spending less ever crossed the mind of anyone opposed to the measure.

The thing I hate most about the concept of property taxes is they’re just a tax for simply existing. You don’t have to sell it, no money has to change hands, nothing has to happen, you just owe. And if you can’t pay, you lose your house.

Government is insatiable, more is all they want and it’s never enough. They have no desire to live within their means because they have no reason to live within their means. They can always raise taxes to get the more they want.

In good times they spend more because they can, they have it. In bad times they spend more because the “have to.” There’s never a point when a government says, “Hey, we’ve been really out of control and spend a lot more than we need to. So let’s cut some spending and live within a sane limit.”

It doesn’t happen.

The federal government just prints and/or borrows money. State have to balance their budgets, so tax hikes are their go-to. Just look at Maryland, where Democrats raised taxes on millionaires and billionaires earning more than $100,000 per year because the alternative was to only increase spending by several hundred million dollars rather than the several more hundred million dollars they wanted. It’s like giving a junkie your checkbook and hoping for the best. They will always rip you off if you let them. The only hope is to take way the access, which is what voters in North Dakota are considering…at least one revenue stream.

It’s not expected to pass, but it will serve as a warning shot and a petri dish of inspiration for people across the country. Who knows what they might do to try to limit their state governments? It could run risk of having liberty break out all over the place!


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