Obama’s Iraq

What happened to Obama the ‘everyman’? The one who was so in touch with regular people? Didn’t he get to keep his blackberry? Perhaps, he should add a Google alert for “shitty economy” so he can get updates on the real problems people are having and what’s causing them.

To recap, some jerks pushed housing loans on people who couldn’t afford them and some bigger jerks took the loans who knew better. Politicians looked the other way and the whiz kids on Wall Street kept inventing new “tools” to make sure the bottom lines stayed black. Then the whole house of cards came tumbling down, people are out on the street, losing jobs and we’re in the midst of a megarecession.

The toughest question we face is, who is going to take the hit? Lenders, borrowers, banks? This might be the moment you’d expect Obama to talk about “tough choices” and say ‘all of you’. Then he’d outline a plan using our limited resources to focus on moving credit again, reforming the system and sharpening oversight.

But no. Instead, Obama is obsessed with changing the fabric of our society. As foreclosures and job losses mount, the president turns his eyes to enact an unprecedented domestic agenda we can’t afford.

Where is the guy who “gets it”?

In a telling piece yesterday, the deputy editorial page editor for the Washington Post (no conservative rag) all but anoints this moment as “Obama’s Iraq”. As the wicked forces that attacked us escape and regroup, Obama uses the opportunity to chase the liberals own Saddam Husseins – health care, education, and alternative energy.

Meanwhile, he’s sent a paltry force to deal with the real problem, which has been flat-footed, criticized by his own party and even lampooned on Saturday Night Live. (Sign of the Times: when was the last time Treasury Secretary was featured on SNL??).  The economy is the real war, Mr. President.

Is it not an eerie comparison? Saddam didn’t attack us on 9-11 any more than a lack of health care caused widespread foreclosures. Iraq wasn’t a haven for al-Quaeda any more than a lack of solar panels caused 8% unemployment. Yet, here we are, gearing up to take on 3 costly wars when we haven’t even finished the first one.

Focus, Mr. President. Keep your eye on the ball.


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