New York Lefties want to take more from the rich to avoid having to contribute themselves.


Lefties in New York are up in arms over the prospect of having some of the state’s bloated budget trimmed to the point it is mildly affordable.  Telling is the fact that unions and community groups (think ACORN) rallied, calling on Governor Patterson to raise taxes on people making over $250,000 so they can keep getting benefits.

“For those of you who prosper during boom time, we ask them pay a little bit more. Pay a little more so New York can avoid cutting the services that our most vulnerable need,” United Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten said.

Just a little more!  What a joke.  How much does Randi Weingarten make and how much does she give to charity?  Does she make more money than she “needs”?  She’s a parasite.

Here’s an idea, since 40 percent of families don’t pay any federal income tax, how about we actually tax them?  That’s a lot of poeple, so a small tax will rake in a lot of money to help provide the free services they feel the need to take to the streets to protect.

That will never happen, the point of protests like this is because people want stuff for free.  Liberals created this dependent class, now it’s coming back to bite them.  They’ve removed so many people from the “contributor” column to the “taking” column that there isn’t enough people to take from to give to the people used to getting.  The scales are tipping.

Too bad liberals have no plan b or magic to get blood from a stone because there simply aren’t enough “rich” to fulfill their left-wing promises.


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