Cap and Trade : “Electricity Rates will necessarily skyrocket” – Barack Obama

The stock market crashes while Nero, er, President Obama fiddles and conga lines are formed in his honor.  Shouldn’t the President care that people’s 401k’s are tanking?  He should, but he doesn’t.  Could the reason be that he wants the government to take over the whole personal retirement industry as well?  Probably.  But another reason could be that he has no “skin in the game” since he’s not much of an investor either.

You will find that Barack Obama doesn’t care much about things that do not directly impact him or his friends.  What does he care if energy costs skyrocket?  He doesn’t pay his electric bill.  Besides, when he leaves office he’s going to get a payday from his tax-sheltered billionaire buddies that will make any payday in human history look like chump change.

That’s why he has no qualms about implementing a cap and trade system on the United States to fight the myth that is global warming.  What will that mean to you?  While he probably won’t admit it now, he did at one point.  See below, and start saving now you can afford lights in your house in the future.

In case you didn’t know, in Washington, DC yesterday there was a global warming protest put on by a bunch of hippies and moronic college students bused in by their professors.  Also, in case you didn’t know this, it snowed like crazy the night before.  The protest went on without even a hint of a sense of irony.  The picture below, from our friends at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, captures the moment and their movement perfectly.



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