Radio For Conservatives

RFC Radio, Radio For Conservatives, a new Internet radio station launched this morning at www.rfcradio.com – give them a listen when you get a chance.  RFC Radio will offer 24/7 streaming News, Rock and Talk.  According to their website:

The RFC Radio Mission is to Rock!! and ‘boost the signal’ between conservative camps.  Also, we aim to pop a cap in the ass of the Rich/Boring/Grumpy/Old White Men conservative stereotype.  This ain’t yer Grandpa’s radio station, kids!!

RFC News is collected from our trusted Affiliates and from credibleonline journals, newspapers, magazines and blogs.  Info is fact-checked and screened for hype.  We are an ‘equal opportunity’ station and don’t discriminate against news sources based on site size or popularity.  If you think you have a news tip, email it to us at news@rfcradio.com or call us at 623-582-3432.  We will black list and/or block unreliable news sources, so don’t send us any BS!  (You so-called 9/11 “Truthers” are on notice!)

RFC Rock is collected from the albums of the greatest rockers of all time.  Most of our play list is hard and classic rock.  Some is alternative; some is borderline pop; none is lame.  Crank it.

RFC Talkis an ecclectic mix of conservative and/or libertarian perspectives.  We’ve got full length broadcasts, micro-podcasts, interview forums, panel discussions, and guest appearances by conservative pundits, authors, and activists.  There’s something for everyone – and not everything will be everyone’s personal cup o’ tea.  Check out the Show Schedule and figure it out.

After you’ve listened to the First Friday Podcast give RFC Radio a listen!


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