The Obama press conference – media joke.


It would be a funny joke, were it not so sad.  The Obama “prime time press conference” was more scripted than the Oswald prison transfer.  All questions friendly, all questions seemingly screened in advance, all answers canned.

Seriously, you get one shot to ask the President a question and you ask about A-Roid, er, A-Rod?

And some jackass from Huffington Post? SERIOUSLY?



2 Responses to “The Obama press conference – media joke.”

  1. 1 innitsumthin
    February 11, 2009 at 10:08 am

    As long as you can say something eloquently, it does not matter what you say. When you are in rapture, even the groans of agony from hell seems like hallelujahs from choirs on angels!

    Go Bama! Go Bama!

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