Douchebag of the Week – Robert Kennedy Jr.

Douchebag of the Week!Our winner this week could have easily been House Democrats for their taxpayer funded retreat to a luxury spa in Williamsburg, Virgina, but the fact that liberals look at tax dollars as their own money to spend how they like comes as a shock to no one.  So, while totally douchey, not really DBoTW level of doucheyness.

Our winner this week is rabid environmentalist (and at least should be Katherine Hepburn impersonator) Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.   When we say rabid environmentalist we don’t mean he wants to live by those standards, but we aren’t going to talk about his hypocrisy here.  His offense is claiming that the pork industry is a greater threat to the United States than Osams bin Laden.

There are a million ways this is just plain stupid, just check the “Global Warming Myth” category on this blog for enough evidence to disprove that garbage.  But to claim a food production industry is a greater threat to the United States than the leader of a terrorist network hell-bent on the destruction of the country is borderline “special,” if you catch our drift.

This really requires no comment, so we’re going to stop and just post the video below.  The audio quality isn’t the best, but in the first 2 minutes you hear all you need to.

RFK, Jr., you may well be a nice guy, but you are a total douchebag.  And this week, you are king.  You are our Douchebag of the Week.

One last question, how did you offset the carbon footprint of the massive amount of K0ol Aid you’ve clearly consumed?


1 Response to “Douchebag of the Week – Robert Kennedy Jr.”

  1. 1 Interested Reader
    August 16, 2011 at 7:46 pm

    “The audio quality isn’t the best, but in the first 2 minutes you hear all you need to.” In the first 2 minutes he doesn’t get to state his case. The judge then allows him to. I don’t think that the first 2 minutes are enough when they don’t include his explanation of the comment that you’re blogging about. There’s no harm in opening your ears to other people’s opinions, explained in full. If your own opinion is stronger, then it will win over the lesser opinion. But if you don’t allow others to speak and explain themselves, then your opinion borders on untested dogma. Hear people out. We’re not monsters. Everyone’s the good guy in their own story, just like you are, just like I am, and I think we’d be surprised by the good intentions of the people we consider our enemies. Interesting political blog, thank you for maintaining it.

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