Douchebag of the Week – People United for Change

Douchebag of the Week!Our winners this week are the über left-wing group, Americans United for Change.  They’re made up of the usual, trust fund suspects who seek to slam shut to door of success for everyone else by imposing socialism on the United States.  That’s fine, they can lobby for what they refuse to live by all they want as citizens, but they’ve gone further than that.

Instead of lobbying on the merits of President Obama’s trillion dollar pork bill, mostly because there aren’t any, they’ve decided to make a principled stand by Republicans and the forgotten 11 Democrats (ever noticed they’re not mentioned often in news stories?) in a cause and an opportunity to attach Rush Limbaugh

Why?   Well, as was already stated, they can’t argue the merits of the bill.  How could they argue spending $1.2 trillion in the hope of creating 4 million jobs?  Since no one can say ANY jobs will be created, and there are payoffs to every left-wing cause in the bill, we’d be better served giving 4 million unemployed people $300,000 each, even though that would be a bad idea, too.

So they attack a talk show host of expressing his opinion. 

If you ever notice, these left-wingers aways personally attack conservatives, seek to shut them up or shut them down.  They support diversity of skin pigment and who you screw only.  Think differently and forget it, they seek to destroy you.  This is the real left, fascism by “progressives.”

For their attempt to attack someone for expressing their opinion because they’re too cowardly to debate the facts, Americans United for Change are our Douchebags of the Week.


1 Response to “Douchebag of the Week – People United for Change”

  1. January 30, 2009 at 11:22 am

    Ok, if Rush can get on the air 3 hours a day and rip policies put forth by Democrats, simply because they are Democrats is simply bs. In a addition to proclaim he “wants Obama to fail”, show real patriotism doesn’t it? Now attacking AUC for their attempts to discredit Rush “for his opinion”, well ok, I can see your frustration as he has become the leader of your party over the last week. He has spent a career attack anyone or anything who’s opinion was different than his. As far as the Bill, well you might want to read it. Suggesting a “hypothetical” event that no jobs will be created has now become the GOP’s greatest talking point…hypotheticals. If rebuilding infrastructure and schools are not jobs does create jobs, do you suppose the roads and bridges will magically appear? Thanks for playing grasping for straws.

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