Obama – The drinking game.

Looking for a way to participate in the hype associated with the incoming Obama Administration without having to through a proctological invasion by Homeland Security to get on the Mall? Or do you simply want to get drunk faster than what was once thought humanly possible? Well, try this.

Since a drinking game can be created out of anything these days, why not make one out of this circus? Here are the rules:

Take a sip (and only a sip) ever time the following words are spoken between now and Wednesday.

Or any time you suspect Keith Olbermann or Chris Matthews sprout wood (only for those brave enough to watch MSNBC. NOTE: have a bucket nearby if you do, even if you aren’t drinking.)

REMEMBER: ONLY TAKE A SIP, NOT A SHOT! Sure, you want to get drunk fast, but you don’t want to die of alcohol poisoning. You will be passed out within 5 minutes, so don’t worry about that – you’ll get there.

And don’t worry about the health ramifications, a liver bailout has to be in the pipeline, too.


1 Response to “Obama – The drinking game.”

  1. January 19, 2009 at 11:22 am

    Are you guys getting a little weepy? Ya’know, the idea of “anything goes” is no more in American Government. In addition we now will have complete sentences, an end to torture, an end to no bid contracts, an end to cronyism, an end to bible toting fools, an end to the last eight years…the end of an error. Cheers!

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