Make Caroline Kennedy a Senator, then she will tell you if she will tell you if she’s qualified to be one.

NY Senate Seat

Caroline Kennedy demonstrates the fact that she's got the political thumb point thing down, so she'll at least bring that to the job.

A funny thing happened on the way to coronation for Caroline Kennedy…People didn’t bow down and kiss her feet because she was the lucky sperm that ended up with the right last name.

There was a time when simply having the Kennedy name was enough to get Democrats to  bend to your every whim, a Kennedy could drive drunk and crash their car or kill a woman and their percentage of the vote wouldn’t suffer at all.  But that day is done, thankfully.

Now when a Kennedy wants something handed to them they are asked simple questions, questions like “Why?” and “What makes you qualified?”  Questions that make the entitled class very uncomfortable.

Now comes word that Caroline is refusing to make simple disclosures to show she wouldn’t have conflicts of interest as a Senator and where her money comes from.  Basic information any candidate would make.  Well, any candidate who didn’t feel like they deserved the seat.  You know, someone who was trying to earn something.  But when the concept of earn is foreign to someone…


1 Response to “Make Caroline Kennedy a Senator, then she will tell you if she will tell you if she’s qualified to be one.”

  1. 1 older than dude
    December 27, 2008 at 1:47 pm

    let’s see, she’s over 30, she is a U.S. citizen for over 9 years, she lives in New York. Sounds like she’s qualified. And it’s only a popularity contest with the governor to see who get’s appointed.

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