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Guilty verdict in the Fort Dix six terror case, Keith Olbermann must be crying.

It was just last year that Keith Uberdouche, er, Keith Olbermann discounted the plot to attack our soldiers at Fort Dix, New Jersey (see the video below of Glenn Beck ripping KO a new one with his own words), but today those “six morons” were convicted of plotting to kill those soldiers in that case.

There is no truth to the rumor that Olbermann’s audience shrunk today by five people (one already pled guilty)…only because that would imply he gets more than five viewers.


Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to do for the country what he’s done for California – destroy it.


Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger wouldn’t mind being President of the United States.  Scary thought.

That means the squish would like to do for the country what he’s done for California.  No thank.

We don’t need any more big spenders who slap phony economy-killing environmental regulations in a recession, making the problem worse.  California is expect to be broke by February, for crying out loud.  While we like the fact that he’s shutting down the government occasionally to save money, you can’t tell us there isn’t massive waste in the state budget. 

The fact that his instincts are to raise taxes and seek federal cash to cover his ass makes us very thankful that he can’t Constitutionally be elected President.  Though if there were a few more liberals appointed to the Supreme Court, who knows how they would “interpret” that clearly written section of our founding document.  They’ve never let the plain meaning of the words stand in their way before.


Joe Biden needs to find some new friends.

Vice-President elect Joe Biden is known for stepping in it, and by it we mean shit.  Just Google “Biden gaffes” and be prepared to spend the better part of the week catching up on some of the dumbest political arrogance of the last 30 years.

Never on to rest on his laurels, Biden is at it again.

When talking to George “Snuffleupagus” Stephanopoulos on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday, Biden stepped in it again.  When talking about the economy and how to “fix” it, Biden said:

“Every single person I’ve spoken to agrees with every major economist. There is going to be real significant investment, whether it’s $600 billion or more, or $700 billion, the clear notion is, it’s a number no one thought about a year ago.”

REALLY?  No one?  Who is he talking to?

So the Obama/Biden Administration is married to the idea of pissing away at least $600 billion more dollars in ways that haven’t worked with a trillion.  Hold on to your wallets.

Only problem with the plan is it won’t work.  Why?  Check out the video below about Keynesian Economics and why it doesn’t, and can’t, work.

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