Douchebag of the Week – Colin Powell

Douchebag of the Week!Our winners this week could have easily been any one of the many corrupt Democrats involved in the Governor Rod Blagojevich/Barack Obama scandal, but it’s not.  There will be plenty of time to explore their douchebaggery in the future, no doubt.  No, this week’s winner is none other than former darling of the left, then enemy of the left, and now darling of the left again – Colin Powell.

What could Colin Powell have done to out D-Bag the corrupt Chicago machine gang, you ask?  Well, first off, the corrupt Chicago machine gang hasn’t been convicted of anything…yet.  And since the stories of everyone involved keep evolving, it’s who exactly did what douchey thing is constantly changing (never for the better).  But Powell’s douchebaggery is crystal clear.

Colin Powell thinks Republicans need to become Democrat Lites, of full-blown Democrats with an (R) after their names like him, in order to win elections.  He told CNN that Republicans attempted “to use polarization for political advantage.” 

What polarization, Colin?  Considering the fact that we just ran a candidate that is a squish on a great many issues, what polarizing moves did he make? How did he not fit the template exactly of what you’re hoping the party becomes?  McCain wouldn’t mention Reverend Wright, didn’t bring up race (though that’s all the Democrats seemed to talk about) and didn’t run on gay marriage bans or anti-abortion crap.  He even engaged in the Democrat’s favorite past-time, truly polarizing politics, by engaging the same class warfare as the Dems did. 

The fact of the matter is Democrats win when they run as though they’re Republicans and Republicans lose when they govern as Democrats.  Powell either doesn’t get this fact, or he doesn’t care.  Since he’s spoken out on it, it would seem he cares.

So we thank you for your service to our great country, General Powell, we’re going to pass on your advice.  We will continue to fight for individual liberty, free-markets and free enterprise.  You are free to sell out, though we don’t recall you ever actually having bought in, and free to leave the Republican Party, since that is clearly not where your heart is.  (Seriously, why try to change your party into something that already exists in the other party?  Just join them.)

As you walk out the door, to jump the shark in our opinion, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.  And don’t forget to pick up your trophy for Douchebag of the Week.


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