The Auto Bailout hits a pothole in the Senate (Hopefully)

bailout11Despite the clear bias in this AP story and the desire of Democrats to pass the first round of the auto bailouts (make no mistake, there will be more or else the unions would actually have to make real concessions) while Bush is still President so they can hang this and all future monies on Republicans, the US Senate is moving closer to sanity and blocking this disgrace.  While $14 billion may not seem like a lot considering the $700 billion we dished out not that long ago to the financial sector (we opposed that, too), it sets a horrible precedent for the future and is anti-free market.

The 3 US auto makers (the name Big 3 hardly seems to qualify for companies seeking to suckle to government teet) claim they need this money to avoid disaster by the end of the year.  But what would that disaster be?  Bankruptcy.

That’s right, that’s all, just bankruptcy.  Not closing up shop forever, just reorganizing in the most profitable way, cutting jobs, both colors of collar, and reopening very generous union contracts that are aiding in ruining these once great companies.  Rather than face reality they’d prefer our tax dollars.  Well, hell, who wouldn’t?

Pay someone not to work and they won’t.  Pay someone to keep doing the same things that brought them to near financial ruin and guess what happens.

Sanity looks like it may be happening where is rarely does, in the US Senate, however, where more Senators are speaking out against the bailout.  Big props to them.

Ford, GM and Chrysler need to reorganize, cut the fat and find a way to support themselves or else they deserve to fail.

One of the most disgraceful parts of the House passed bill is the creation of a so-called “car czar” to make sure they’re making the right decisions.  Can you imagine that?  A government stooge to tell private companies how they should run things.

Pop quiz – name one thing the government actually runs efficiently without massive waste, fraud and abuse.  You can get back to us on that one.

While the fact that Democrats are willing to once again violate free market principles and spend our money like it was theirs, below is the list of Republicans how decided to sell-out and join them.

We suggest you call your Senators and tell them you oppose the bailout, that the auto companies need to act like the companies they are (or at least used to be) and use the bankruptcy laws to get their act together.  Just call (202) 224-3121 and ask for one of your Senators to let their office know what you think.

Here is the Squish List:

Barton (TX)         Manzullo
Buyer                   McCotter
Camp (MI)           McCrery
Capito                  McHugh
Castle                  Miller (MI)
Ehlers                  Murphy, Tim
Emerson              Porter
English (PA)        Ramstad
Frelinghuysen     Regula
Hoekstra             Rogers (MI)
Hunter                 Ryan (WI)
King (NY)            Smith (NJ)
Knollenberg        Souder
LaHood               Upton
LaTourette         Walsh (NY)
Lewis (KY)          Young (AK)


3 Responses to “The Auto Bailout hits a pothole in the Senate (Hopefully)”

  1. December 11, 2008 at 11:19 am

    It is pretty clear that those that oppose the bridge loan to the Big 3, oppose it only for some bizzare hate of Unions. That being said, if you are to read today’s Labor Dept. report, first time applicant’s for unemployment has now hit a 26 year high, 4.43 million. That number would greatly increase should this not pass in the Senate. The issue here is that you seem to believe that when companies get to do whatever they please it benefits the “free market”, for one thing the market is not free, and you don’t live on an island of 30 people. Governments provide markets a stable currency for financial transactions.

    Back to Unions. If you are working for a company alongside numerous others who perform the same or similar jobs at a low wage, you have a better chance at improving wage and working conditions as a group…hence Union. You also continuously fail to mention that standards for Union workers, also provide a numbers of benefits for non-Union workers allover the country, such as work safety precautions, minimum wage, etc. So, before you start blaming Unions for everything, take a better look at the CEO’s who order these workers to build vehicles that are no longer viable in the 21st century and still collect 14 million a year.

    I find it unfortunate that this loan is necessary, however when you do the actual math, it has to happen. Let’s just hope the monies used are for developing viable cars,restoring their credit with the parts makers, and saving the employment of millions around Michigan and elsewhere. If the execs choose to retreat off to some sunny resort, then I will be the first to say I was wrong in supporting this…until then…

    One last thought…
    Referring to Michigan Republicans as “squishy” is laughable, they are in Michigan and it would spell the end of their tenure representing their Districts.

  2. 2 Elizabeth
    December 11, 2008 at 11:46 am

    well you’re certainly an economist, aren’t you? it’s not a hate of unions, jackass, it’s disgust in how our government pisses away our money like they earned it. if there is this great car czar out there that the government can appoint to over see them, someone with a master plan to save them, where the hell are they? why have they been keeping this great plan secret? Let them reorganize or fail, who cares? if they can’t continue on their own they shouldn’t. michigan has been screwed for a long time thanks to the fact that they were too dependent on one industry and elected a governor who only seems to want to raise taxes, despite the fact that it doesn’t and hasn’t worked. you reap what you sow, michigan. get your act together on your own and stop electing morons.

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