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Dick Durbin calls for special election to fill Obama’s Senate seat since Gov. Blagojevich is tainted.

Machine politics at its best. Blagojevich, Obama and Daley.

Machine politics at its best. Blagojevich, Obama and Daley.

Senator Dick Durbin today called for the Illinois state legislature to change the law and allow for a special election to replace Barack Obama in the Senate.  Why?  Aside from the fact that the Governor has been arrested for attempting to sell the seat (and as yet unconfirmed rumors that Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. offered $500k for it), Republicans have held the governor’s office before, recently, in fact.  Also, changing the law to require an election shifts the initiative from the state house, which has a better than even shot of being GOP-controlled, to Chicago machine politics.  And just look how well that’s turned out in the past…


This would explain why (Democrat) Governor Blagojevich hasn’t picked a successor for Obama – arrested on corruption charges.


Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich has been arrested and charged along with his Chief of Staff and charged with attempting to sell the appointment to the US Senate to fill President-elect Barack Obama’s vacated Senate seat. What a jackass!

Well, this would explain what was taking so long to fill the seat, with the credit crunch it was probably difficult to scrape together the cash…

An interesting thing to note it the complete lack of mention of Blagojevich’s party in the news stories, he’s a Democrat, by the way. Only the Smoking Gun makes mention of it. Were he a Republican it would be THE headline. Odd.


Pictures from the December First Friday with special guest Tucker Carlson.

Thanks to everyone who came out last week for First Friday with Tucker Carlson, and special thanks to Tucker for hanging out. Hope you had fun.

Here is a sampling of the pictures from First Friday. You can see a larger version of each of these by clicking on them and can see all the pics from Friday by going to our Flickr page here.

Also, we do have a Facebook group but there are only a few members because we don’t do much with it, frankly. But we do post some pictures from First Friday there a few days before we post all of them, and you can tag people, so there is a small benefit to joining. If you are so inclined you can join the group here. Considering some of the odd groups on Facebook people join, joining our group isn’t all that strange.

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