It couldn’t happen to a nicer company – The New York Times is sinking fast.


The New York Times is not having a very good year, or decade for that matter.  Sales are down, circulation is down and their credibility is long since gone.  Now comes word that they’re planning to borrow up to $225 million against their Manhattan office building.

How long can the Times last?  Or, the better question would be, how long till they ask for a bailout?

We would suggest that they’d be willing to offer Democrats positive coverage in exchange for a bailout, but the horse has already left the barn on that one.


1 Response to “It couldn’t happen to a nicer company – The New York Times is sinking fast.”

  1. December 8, 2008 at 3:15 pm

    It is not too late to save the NYT. And even though no one says the Times is “too big to fail” that doesn”t mean that the Government has to sit by the sidelines as it circles the drain. There is still time to DO SOMETHING!

    Next year, for example, the new President can resurrect the NYT to its “former glory” by bestowing the Presidential Medal of Freedomon Tom Friedman; rehabilitating Friedman (who lost a big chunk of his center-left audience for his early support of the Iraq war), is the NYT’s heritage brand, along with Maureen Dowd. Fixing Friedman sells newspapers, and gets the Gray Lady solvent again (the paper, NOT Maureen, she is already fairly solvent!).

    Or we can just sit back, watch the Times disappear, and read Blogs and stuff. Cool.

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