Worthy Reads

Worthy Reads

Gold-Plated Coffee Machines Illustrate Wasteful Habits of European Politicians and Bureaucrats. The European Commission spent more than six thousand dollars apiece for 20 coffee machines – and now does not use them because of health concerns. The chief bureaucrats in Brussels now have to get in line and buy coffee, making one wonder if they are asking for hardship pay? The International Herald Tribune reports…

America’s Insane Farm Subsidies. The Seattle Times has. Story of how rich people, including many foreigners, are taking advantage of farm subsidies to fleece taxpayers…

Politicians Want to “Cure” Problems Caused by Easy Money with More Easy Money. Inflationary policy by the Federal Reserve was one of the main causes of the housing bubble. So how do many politicians propose to solve the mess? With more inflation of course! John Stossel examines this foolish policy prescription…

Coercing Kids to Be Left-Wing Activists. With his usual clarity, Thomas Sowell shreds the notion that school kids should be forced to do so-called community service…

More Victims of Gun Control. India has very strict rules against private gun ownership. As John Lott explains, these rules didn’t stop terrorists from getting weapons. But the rules did ensure that innocent people had no ability to defend themselves…


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