Douchebag of the Week – The Media

Douchebag of the Week! Our winners this week are the Mainstream Media.  Why, you ask?  It’s because they are now slowly getting around to asking the questions they should have asked months ago, like who is Barack Obama?  Since they advocated for him in the election it’s a bit late to ask those questions since they won’t do any good, therefore this ex post facto mia culpa is an attempt to regain some semblance of credibility.  It will fail because they have failed.

ABC News gets special mention, and both credit and blame, for Good Morning America’s interview this morning with terrorist Bill Ayers.  If he wasn’t worth talking about during the campaign, why is he worth talking to now?  The questions asked by Chris Cuomo were good questions, just 6 months too late.

Ayers himself still doesn’t seem to get it, doesn’t seem to understand how planting bombs isn’t a good thing, being associated with murderers isn’t a good thing, but we wouldn’t expect anyone who did that to understand.

The amusing part is to watch Ayers try to explain how he barely knew a man he personally sought out to head the Annenberg Challenge, the $50 million leftist organization Ayers started to radicalize Chicago’s education system.  There aren’t many people on the planet who would create a $50 million organization and then simply hand control of it over to someone he barely knew and wasn’t sure was as radical as you wanted him to be.

As more time passes there will be a growing number of stories asking “Who is Barack Obama?” in the news, we may even find out how a failing student with a drug problem got into the colleges he attended and how they were paid for.  Who knows?  But it’s a day late and a dollar short on the part of the media, they sold out a long time ago and can’t buy back in after the game is over.

For this, for their attempt at regaining credibility (since attempting to regain it is an admission that it’s lost, something they were completely aware of at the time), the Mainstream Media is our Douchebag of the Week.

PS: Don’t expect MSNBC to attempt to regain credibility…you can’t regain what you never had.


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