President-Elect Obama – Put your money where your mouth is and send your kids to public school.

Some people do, they're called elites.

Some people do, they

This op-ed in USA Today urges Barack and Michelle Obama to send their kids to Washington, DC public schools.  Recently Michelle Obama has been touring some of the country’s most exclusive private schools to find the best place to send their 2 children.

Why should they send their kids to public schools?  Because Obama has extolled the virtues of public school throughout the campaign, praising teachers and their union as only needing more money to be able to give us the results they have failed to give us hundreds of billions of dollars ago.  He also opposes school vouchers for parents who, unlike him, can’t afford the best private schools in the country.  Since DC spends more per student than any other school district in the country (with one of the worst results), the Obamas can put their theory to the test first hand.

That won’t happen.  They will claim security concerns, even though the Secret Service won’t have any.  Amy Carter went to public schools in DC, but no Presidential children since have.  Why not the Obamas?

The ultimate bit of hypocrisy is when you deny others the right to a choice you exercise yourself.  When it is announced that the Obama children will be attending Sidwell Friends the media will gloss over the fact that it is the highest form of elitism.

After all, if a child is a choice, why shouldn’t where a child is educated be one, too?


1 Response to “President-Elect Obama – Put your money where your mouth is and send your kids to public school.”

  1. 1 Diane
    November 22, 2008 at 7:58 am

    You bet it is hypocrisy. After voting against school vouchers for the rest of America he is going to send his daughters to private school. It just disgusts me.

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