Douchebag of the Week – Jesse Jackson

Douchebag of the Week! You may ask yourself why Jesse Jackson is our Douchebag of the Week this week, what did he do?  Well, he’s done a lot, actually, but this award is granted to him for one of the least things he did – cry.

Just a few months ago, Jackson, a well-known race hustler, was complaining about how he wanted to basically turn Barack Obama from a rooster to a hen with one slice of a blade, as evidenced by video #1.  Flash to election night, and Jackson was crying like a baby when Obama won.  (See video #2)

We aren’t cynical…ok, we are, and you would probably have suspected we’d give the award to the much deserving Chris Matthews for his comments about working to make the Obama presidency work rather than simply report on whether or not it’s working.  But not, the current video of Jackson with the hindsight of the “nuts” video, really took Jesse up a notch.

Was Jackson crying because his life-long dream had been realized, or because his life’s work had just been ended?  Not really possible to run around complaining about racism when the country is led by a black man.  And race-baiting is bread and butter (and, as we all know, the good Reverend has some mouths to feed).

So we can’t tell why Jackson is crying, but we can guess…and it’s not pride.  And for that, Jesse Jackson is our Douchebag of the Week.  Be prepared to hear either less and less or even crazier things from him in the future as he either accepts that he’s done, or, most likely, gets desperate for camera time the way a heroin junkie jones for a hit.

Video #1

Video #2


2 Responses to “Douchebag of the Week – Jesse Jackson”

  1. 1 Tom Moore
    November 10, 2008 at 2:55 am

    I strongly disagree with your pick this week. Whatever Jackson’s personal feelings about the election, it is certainly an emotional moment for blacks and for Americans generally. Weeping, as he did, was neither out of place nor particularly newsworthy. When one recognizes that many Americans wept who have not built their careers around the supposed inequities of racial conditions in this country, it should not be surprising — nor unexpected really — that Jackson would tear up at that moment. All said, I’m not sure how sincere Jackson was, but — and this is my point, really — in no way should his sappy moment trump MSNBC’s utterly ridiculous and thrilled-legged Chris Matthews in his Obamaphoria. Reminiscent of a blond Charlie Brown, Matthews is truly laughable in his blockheaded attempt to play the straight man to Keith Olbermann with his propensity for sniveling, seething, committal-worthy rants. If Olbermann could be likened in terms of reason and responsibility with Britney Spears, Matthews has made himself the Paris Hilton of MSNBC’s lineup — he’s not quite a complete loon, and he even manages the odd modicum of straight-faced success, but nobody looks to him for critical thought anymore and most viewers can rightfully expect regular lapses of journalistic basics (never mind integrity) and judgment as this week’s prize remark.

  2. 2 polticalgirl
    November 14, 2008 at 11:18 am

    Although Jesse Jackson can be an ass. He has done some good in his life. I personally feel he was crying because he never thought he would see this day in his lifetime. Oprah on the other had seemed to cry as if she seen Jesus Christ.

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