Chris Matthews has a new job – Making Obama a success. Funeral for journalism to follow.

media-bias-alert1Self-proclaimed journalist Chris Matthews today proclaimed that it is his job to make sure the Obama presidency is a success.  This would explain the content of his show the past few years, and that of MSNBC.

It’s odd that he is so concerned that Obama be successful because “This country needs a successful presidency,” but showed no such concern in the previous 8 years.

Matthews and Olbermann have tainted the NBC News brand to the point that may never recover.

For all you liberals out there who vomit Media Matters talking points about Sean Hannity, let us just say this.  First off, you’re an idiot.  Second, Hannity is a hack, and he makes no bones about being a hack.  He readily admits he’s a commentator and not a journalist.  Matthews and Uberdouche make the opposite claim. A good journalist tells you what is happening, not what you should think about what is happening.  Matthews claims to be a journalist when it suits him, and as he does at the start of the video, but he’s a journalist, Michael Moore is a documentarian.

If you don’t know the difference, you simply can’t be helped.


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