Joe Biden – moron.

Joe Biden has been the biggest embarrassment in this campaign, except the media doesn’t cover it. He rarely talks to the media because he is a gaffe machine. But he did talk with a local TV station in Florida where he faced some questions he isn’t used to, questions not provided to the reporter by the Obama campaign, and he doesn’t handle himself very well. In fact, he did so poorly and the campaign was so angry that anyone dare question “The One” that they’ve cut the station off, no more access for them. That’s the vindictive change we can believe in!

Here’s Joe the Blowhard getting unscripted questions. Notice how he implies that the anchor is getting her questions from some puppet master or something with his “I don’t know who wrote these” remark. It’s as though he believes she’s in the tank for McCain because they aren’t used to getting anything other than sycophantic questions.


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