Ask Barack Obama a tough question, get a colonoscopy by Dems – Joe the Plumber’s privacy invaded.



What is most disturbing about the whole Joe the Plumber episode this election year isn’t that Barack Obama exposed his socialist tenancies by admitting that he wants to “spread the wealth around,” it’s that the media, the self-appointed “4th Branch of Government” – has spent more time looking into the background of Joe than they have that of Barack Obama in the last 2 years.  Now comes word that government officials in Ohio may have illegally used government computers to access files on Joe in an attempt to see what kind of dirt they can dig up on him. 

This should be disturbing to everyone who really cares about privacy, and especially our leftist friends who love it when people “question authority” or “speak truth to power.”  We don’t expect they will care all that much, but still.

This reminds us of the FBI Files scandal during the Clinton Administration.  Remember the “clerical error” that somehow mysteriously ended up getting the FBI files of hundreds of Republicans making their way to the White House.  What were they used for?  No one would talk, but we can imagine.

The lesson to any potential “Joes” out there is simple, don’t cross “The One” or we will destroy you.  It was sad enough when that message came from political hacks and hired guns, now it is coming from elected officials and the media.  Expect MSNBCand Keith Uberdouche to ignore this story completely while they continue their assault on a private citizen who dared reject socialism even though it may benefit him in the short-term.  Joe is unwilling to accept short-term potential gains for long-term loss of liberty and opportunity. 

He aspires; and aspiration, drive and the American Dream are anti-matter to leftist agenda.  That is the worst sin a person can commit in their quest for power.  Joe encapsulates the rugged individualism upon which this country was founded, and is what the Leftists seek to destroy.


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