When Douchebags attack!

So a former winner of Douchebag of the Week sent us an email today and we’re more than happy to post it here for you to enjoy. 

It was interesting to see how many people replied to your blog regarding my column on McCain having PTSD. Who was the lone reply? Your cousin?

Even fringe lunatics like you have the right to call me what you want. I fought for that right. How about you?

What have you done for your country besides whine on this infantile blog?

Try doing some serious reading and you’ll find that McCain does have PTSD (he collects 100% disability for it) and once tried to commit suicide.

To suggest “most” soldiers don’t get it (PTSD) is another example of your lack of knowledge regarding combat PTSD. The truth is out there, even if you chose not to believe it.

Dave Stancliff

Note his and those leaving comments in his DBoTW post’s ability to diagnose medical conditions from a great distance.  We suggest you go to Dave’s website and contact him if you’re feeling ill since he seems to think he’ll be able to help you.

They are as shameless as they are clueless.


1 Response to “When Douchebags attack!”

  1. 1 JP
    October 25, 2008 at 9:41 am

    We appreciate your service to this great nation.

    As for what I have done for this country, I keep your lights on. I make decisions on a daily basis that make-or-break multi-million to upwards of billion dollar contracts, and I make these decisions on the front line (engineer). If I make a mistake people can and do die. I am essential to the production of electricity, and thus essential to the success of this economy. I have personally designed next generation emissions reduction technology. I am currently assisting in the development of a novel concentrated solar power system. If you don’t have an appreciation of the job guys like us do, maybe you better go home, turn off your lights, and sit by candle light. Let me know how that goes for you…

    I am not familiar with this topic regarding McCain having PTSD, although honestly I’d be surprised if he didn’t considering he was a POW in Hanoi for 5.5 years.

    “To suggest “most” soldiers don’t get it (PTSD) is another example of your lack of knowledge regarding combat PTSD. The truth is out there, even if you chose not to believe it.”


    You’re right, the truth is out there. According to DoD statistics MOST of the soldiers serving (or have served) in OEF and OIF don’t have have PTSD (22% as of March 07 were diagnosed with PTSD).

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