Douchebag of the Week – Lewis Diuguid

Douchebag of the Week!Our winner this week is someone you’ve probably never heard of, Lewis Diuguid.  He’s is an editorial writer for the Kansas City Start and a hyper-sensitive left-wing spin-artist.

In this post here, Lewis tries desperately to make the fact that McCain and Palin are calling Obama’s socialist policies what they are, socialism, into a race issue.

When liberals can’t find racism they simply make it up.  When there is nothing that can be remotely thought of as racist, they pull out the “code word” card.  By their logic damn near anything can be racist.  Did you say you wanted a sandwich?  Don’t you know that sandwich is a code word for black?

Give us a break!

It’s to the point that if you don’t get down on your knees and kiss Obama’s feet you’re a member of the Klan!

This is why liberalism will fail, because they seek to control every aspect of everyone’s lives and those that don’t fall in line are demonized as sexists, racist, homophobic or whatever floats someone’s boat at the time.  And it is this haphazardly usage of serious social problems that cheapens real cases of them, and may well cause many hard feelings and more incidences.  It’s absolutely disgusting.

For being a complete jackass so desperate to win this election that he will sell out any an all principles of honesty and integrity, Lewis Diuguid is our Douchebag of the Week.


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