Sexism against Sarah Palin and silence from “feminists.”

With the exception of the liberal, but intellectually honest, Camille Paglia, the self-proclaimed feminists either have remained silent, or attacked Sarah Palin for everything you can possibly imagine since the day her name was announced as McCain’s VP choice. But the attacks against her went deeper than simply disagreeing with her policy positions, they were personal, vicious and sexist. All of which everyone on the left (save for Paglia) were pretty cool with. Attack her family, cool. Claim her baby was not hers, cool. Say she has no business running for office when she has a special needs kid at home, cool. PhotoShop her head on to naked pictures of other women, cool.

There is a website, no doubt started by an angry Democrat, that we aren’t going to link to, but if you’re not an idiot you can find it, asking whether or not the Governor shaves certain areas of her body.

Were any of these attacks, pictures or websites against Hillary Clinton there would calls for investigations and heads would roll. But anyone can attack and say anything they want about a conservative woman, just like a conservative black (search the press clips for Clarence Thomas) simply because a self-appointed intelligentsia with no clear intelligence membership requirement has determined that they “think wrong” based upon gender or skin color. This is the most disgusting form of discrimination in the country and the media sits by and laughs, or engages in it.

Thank God for Camille Paglia, at least there is one honest liberal out there.


1 Response to “Sexism against Sarah Palin and silence from “feminists.””

  1. October 19, 2008 at 11:36 pm

    I think you should visit this link: shakespearessister.blogspost.com. Melissa McEwan, one of the blogosphere’s most prominent liberal feminists, has done dozens of posts in her “Sarah Palin Sexism Watch” series. She is very clear that she doesn’t agree with Palin on almost anything, but we still defend Palin when sexism occurs because that’s how feminism works. I, as a self-identifying feminist and blogger, also have made a point of opposing anyone who uses misogynist or sexist language against Palin on my blog… so, do you have specific links to feminist sexism that you can point to?

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