Joe Biden attacks Joe the Plumber…with lies.

Joe Biden, known for “stepping in it,” can’t limit himself to the truth when running for office.  And while that seems to play well in Delaware, it doesn’t in the rest of the country, which is why he’s been rejected for President 3 times by Democrats.  Now he’s out there attacking “Joe the Plumber” and every other small business owner in the country.  In this clip he basically fires a warning shot at small businesses, “Become too successful and we’ll tax the hell out of you!”

His lies are many.  First of all, most small businesses file taxes as income for the individual owners, so a company that takes in $300,000 will see a tax increase even though that is clearly not all profit, mostly not, in fact.  But they will still be hit with the Obama/Biden tax hike.  If you don’t think that will cost jobs, you’re either crazy or willfully ignorant.  Second, small businesses don’t pay capital gains taxes, so the fact that they won’t see an increase in that is like telling a man you won’t give him ovarian cancer.

They are starting to worry.


1 Response to “Joe Biden attacks Joe the Plumber…with lies.”

  1. February 17, 2011 at 7:22 am

    I am really starting to worry about this myself!

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