Associations do matter…when they’re with Republicans. Voter fraud update from Ohio.

You have to love this story from the Columbus Dispatch about the Secretary of State being found guilty of violating election law to advantage Democrats with the help of everyone’s favorite voter fraud group, ACORN.

The story itself should be disturbing enough for anyone worried about Chicago style corruption making its way into the election elsewhere, but that’ not what is really interesting here.

Notice how the “reporter” makes a point not only of saying by whom the judge was appointed, that evil bastard Reagan, and who is pursuing the case, 2 Republicans, one of whom was once a law partner of Senator Mike DeWine, McCain’s state chair.

In fact, everyone who is a Republican is identified in the article, no matter what their involvement is.

Perhaps if these “associates” had been domestic terrorists and friends with Barack Obama no one would have mentioned it.

At least one newspaper gets it.  Here’s an interesting look at how the media would react were the tables turned.


1 Response to “Associations do matter…when they’re with Republicans. Voter fraud update from Ohio.”

  1. October 10, 2008 at 9:31 pm

    What, nothing to report on how corrupt Caribou Barbie was in the dismissal of Walt Monegan?

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