Support Barack Obama or you are a racist, simple as that.

Biden is clearly a racist. We base that on as much as they charge McCain/Palin of the same - nothing.

Biden is clearly a racist. We base that on as much as they charge McCain/Palin of the same - nothing.

Ever since the McCain Campaign dared to bring up the fact that Barack Obama is friends with unrepentant terrorist William Ayers the Democrats have unsheathed their favorite sword – racism.  Whenever some liberal doesn’t want to discuss the facts they turn to their trusted, old stand by weapon of choice – personal attacks.

First there was Obama himselfslipping the race card out of his sleeve, then Alcee Hastings, a former judge removed from the bench for taking bribes (Dems stand behind the best people, don’t they?), now Joe “hair plugs” Biden is saying that bringing up facts about which Obama has never been honest and has an ever-evolving story for is “mildly dangerous.”  What does that even mean?  We agree if he’s talking about the way it effects Obama’s electability, but we suspect that’s not what he meant. 

And in reference to Obama’s friendship with Ayers, a man who hand-picked Obama to head a multi-million dollar organization Ayers started, Biden said, “The guy Barack Obama is going to turn and ask opinion to is me, not that guy.”

Why would Biden assume that?  After all, Obama has known Ayers much longer than he’s known Biden, even worked with and for Ayers much longer than he’s known Biden.  What’s to say that Obama would turn to Biden over Ayers?  It would seem that Obama has already turned to Ayers to ask him not to speak to the press since he hasn’t, much like the way Jeremiah Wright has seemingly dropped off the face of the earth.  Do you really think it was just some sort of harmonic convergence that these things came together?  Or could it be a coordinated effort?  We not much for conspiracy theories, but we’re not much for coincidence either.

Now comes word that two back-bencher Members of Congress, Gregory Meeks and Ed Towns, are running around claiming that “code words” are being used to hide the racism of McCain/Palin.  Seems they don’t like anyone pointing out that Obama hangs with terrorists either.  Forget the fact that the terrorist closets to Obama’s heart is a white guy, that they say he “doesn’t think like we do” is akin to joining the Klan to these morons.

Sign us up because we don’t think Obama is like us either, because we wouldn’t hang out with Charlie Manson were he released from prison, nor would we hang out with Terry Nicols, or any murderer or supporter of bombings for that matter.  Call us old fashioned, but that’s just how we roll.  We also don’t have an expiration date on murder, an uncertain number of years after which it’s cool to hang with someone who attacked the United States in the hopes of killing police. 

It doesn’t matter that Obama was 8 when Ayers was supporting killing cops, no one accused Obama of being a co-conspirator, it’s his judgment that is lacking.  Not that it isn’t fully developed, it is, it’s just poor.


1 Response to “Support Barack Obama or you are a racist, simple as that.”

  1. October 9, 2008 at 10:11 am

    So now First Friday has become the Wikipedia of “racism”, “Bill Ayers” and “lies”. Really guys, this one dimensional tactic is not getting any traction out of Sarah Palin, Fox, or you. Move on to a topic people CARE ABOUT. I really understand how it feels to be on the losing side of this, it is kinda like being a Tigers fans at the seasons end and then heading into football or hockey rooting for the Lions or the Leafs…I feel bad for ya…hehe. Step up and have some class and recognize that Joe Biden is right “Sarah Palin is going places we shouldn’t”. Blog about how there has been horrendous things shouted at her rallies, dangerous things, and she has been silent.

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