The creepiest song ever! Sing for Change Obama.

If happiness and freedom has this crap as its soundtrack…no thanks.

This is a little too idol worship, don’t you think?

So Drudge is now reporting that this is the product of Hollywood bigwigs, and most likely it’s their kids that are singing. No wonder 99 percent of what comes out of Hollywood sucks.

Here is what they say on their website about the group:

What we accomplished in a few hours on a Sunday afternoon embodies the nature of the Obama campaign: its grassroots inspiration, its inclusiveness, its community building. People pitched in quickly for a cause that resonated with them. There were not many conditions: “Think this is a good idea? Want to help? Great. Sunday at 12:00.” At the heart of the project were 22 children and their music. The willingness of all involved to come together for them was a testament to our hope, unity, courage, joy and belief in the future represented by these children.

Not sure you should call what they did an accomplishment since it sucks and anyone can suck. However, we do agree that they captured the essence of the Obama campaign – suckiness. Congratulations.

PS – Even thought the video doesn’t have a disclaimer saying that no children were harmed in the filming of this video, we are wiling to give them the benefit of the doubt…on a physical level anyway.  Emotionally they’re screwed.


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