Douchebag(s) of the Week – Brave New PAC and Democracy for America.

Douchebag of the Week!Again this week many douchebags emerged to fight for the crown of the ultimate douchebag, but there can be only one winner.  (Yes, we know we’ve had ties in the past, but still…)  This week’s winners are two groups that function as one, uber-leftists Democracy for America and Brave New PAC.

Never heard of these groups?  You’re not alone.  They’re fringe groups, one of which is fronted by Coward, er, Howard Dean’s brother James.  (As an aside, how much would it suck to have grown up with such a cool name and be such a tool shed?  Seriously, this guy is a Home Depot and Lowes megastore combined when it comes to tools.)  Oddly enough, federal election law prohibits coordination between campaigns, parties and outside groups, so we’re just absolutely positive the Dean boys never speak about politics.

While simply being a Dean puts you near the top on a weekly basis for the award, James really stepped up his game to walk away this week.  Sure, it could have been all the Democrats “negotiating” on the bailout bill to fund their political allies, but this is even doucheier than that.

The ad below is what makes Dean and his goons winner.  Oddly enough, McCain gave reporters access to his complete 1,100 page medical file for 3 hours while Barack Obama had his doctor write a letter saying everything is cool, trust me, and McCain is accused of having something to hide.  Anyone who supports Obama, a man who seemingly didn’t exist for long periods of time in his own life since he doesn’t talk about them, and wants to accuse McCain of hiding his life can also claim a slice of this D-Bag pie.

Brave New PAC and Fascism, er, Democracy for America, may you suffer painful, long lives for what you do.  And until your final breath, may your greatest comfort be that you are our Douchebags of the Week.

If you’ve never seen scare tactics or ageism, here you go.

PS – We think it fitting that this is our 72nd DBoTW tagged post.


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