Democrats and Charity – Obama and Biden “give” some-ish.

Joe Biden, seen here detailing a foot-long sub he once gave to someone as an act of charity.

Joe Biden, seen here detailing a foot-long sub he once gave to someone as an act of charity.

The fact that Barack Obama gave next to nothing to charity before he started running for President has been known for some time, and nothing new for Democrats.  But Obama, even in his cheap years, made Joe Biden looking like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Biden has never given 1 full percent of his and his wife’s income to charity, not even close.  Byron York from National Review has a great story about it here.  Note how the spokesman has to twist and spin to try and say basically that Biden is poor (making only $2.5 million in the last 10 years.  How he survives on that paltry sum is anyone’s guess.) and can’t afford to give more.  But he also says that the Bidens don’t report all of their donations, specifically to their church, for reasons unknown.  If times are so tight in the Biden house, why wouldn’t they take all the deductions to which they are entitled?  Strange.

But the true moral of the story is the fact that Democrats want and expect the government to step up and handle the things charities do much more effectively and efficiently.  These two guys won’t donate their money to causes they support but they do seek to impose upon you and everyone else the power of government to seize your earnings to mandate you do the things they refuse to do voluntarily. 

This is typical liberalism, when they see a problem they’d rather impose upon the liberty of other than actually step up and work to solve the problem themselves.  In their world people can’t solve problems, only the government can.  Their world does not exist anywhere on this planet, but why let the facts get in the way of a good story?

The Bidens charitable donations through the years.

                    Gross Income              Charity

1998             $215,432                      $195

1999             $210,797                      $120

2000             $219,953                      $360

2001             $220,712                      $360

2002             $227,811                      $260

2003             $231,375                      $260

2004             $234,271                      $380

2005             $321,379                      $380

2006             $248,459                      $380

2007             $319,853                      $995

Total             $2,450,042                    $3,690


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