Keith Olbermann left speechless by Newt Gingrich

It’s not often Keith Uberdouche, er, Olbermann is left without anything to say.  Those moments only seem to come along when he is confronted with the facts and the truth, if you’ve seen his show you know neither of the two elements make it past his control-freak pre-production meetings.  But live TV with interviews not conducted by him sometimes do slip through, and this one with Newt left him with nothing to say, so he threw it to a quick commercial break.  (You can see the whole interview here, it’s about three times as long and presumably what he refers to when he talks about openings.)

It’s a shame Uberdouche and Chris Matthews were booted from MSNBC’s debate coverage, from the anchor desk, anyway, watching them have nightly verbal slap fights was the only thing that is worth watching on that network.


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