First Friday – Live From The 2008 Republican National Convention

It is just past 3:00pm CST and the formalities of kicking off the Convention are taking place – although in a toned down and abbreviated manner.  The floor of the Xcel Energy Center, covered in bright red carpet is starting to fill with delegates and special quests, but it is no where near capacity on this scaled down first day of the 2008 Republican National Convention.  On a night that was to see the likes of President Bush and Vice President Cheney take the stage the lone big names to address the delegates will be Laura Bush and Cindy McCain.

There is speculation that President Bush could still make a visit to the Twin Cities if the circumstances in the Gulf States improves and damage is less than predicted.  The general mood is one of uncertainty – everyone seems to have a wait and see approach – but everyone also seems to believe Sen. McCain is demonstrating the leadership necessary to being an effective President by making the right call instead of the politically expedient one.

Over the next four days I’ll post frequent updates regarding the convention, who’s in St. Paul, and how things are proceeding.  Check back frequently!!!



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