Our impressions of the third night of the Democrat’s convention.

So it’s day 3 and there has still been no case made for Barack Obama other than he’s a Democrat. Well, Mike Dukakis was a Democrat, as were Al Gore and John Kerry, and they lost. (Go ahead, bring up how Al Gore won the popular vote. That and three bucks will get you a cup of coffee, but that’s to be expected from the party that looks at the clear rules spelled out in the Constitution and “interprets” them differently.)

Harry Reid’s speech went over as well as, well, Harry Reid has led the Senate. Shouldn’t someone have woken him up for his speech? Or at least the crowd, someone should have let them know the convention wasn’t taking a nap at that time. Horrible speech, poorly received, light on facts – kind of like every time Harry Reid speaks.

Bill Clinton can give a speech like nobody’s business. He’s full of crap and only references the parts of history that fit his chosen narrative, but he can give a speech. Barack Obama, it would seem, wants to give everyone everything, he wants to be their American Dream, which Democrats apparently think is dead. (Maybe it died just after the Obamas actually lived it because they seemed to have accomplished quite a bit without government doing everything for them. Funny how a party that “values hard work” and success seems to think everyone incapable of it without the government (except their nominee, of course.)

He still believes his wife would be a better candidate (we agree, by the way), but loves him so Joe Biden. (Not in the Monica way, though.) He was about as specific as an Obama speech. Would call it all sizzle and no steak, but there really isn’t any sizzle either. It’s like a really nice place-setting with an empty plate.

Beau Biden loves and is proud of his father, and we believe him. They’ve been through some stuff most people will be lucky enough to never go through, and that has given them a bond most people will never have. That’s how people survive. But enough with the crowd shots of people crying already! If the guy telling the story isn’t crying, why would someone who has never, and will never meet or know them when the story is from more than 30 years ago? The delivery wasn’t the best, but who can follow Bill? And the guy was probably a bit nervous. (Just would like to point out that picking the Biden son who is in the reserves and soon to be deployed to Iraq was a good choice. Having the other son, the one who is a high-paid lobbyist who has had business worked on by his father in the Senate, probably would have been in poor taste and undercut their credibility.)

Joe Biden loves Barack Obama…now. Joe Biden thinks Barack Obama is ready to be President…now. (Same goes for both Clintons. Funny how that works…now.) Joe Biden also loves John McCain, considers him a good friend (and, until a few months ago, would have been proud to run with or against him). They’re such good friends, in fact, that Joe isn’t going to feel dirty at all when he asks for the knife back that he stuck in McCain’s back. They’re tight, you see. And, as you undoubtedly know, only good friends can attack other good friends judgement as a person in public.

By the way, no need to work hard any more. A President Obama is going to give you health insurance, make sure you are paid a “living wage” (if you can find a job since small businesses won’t be able to hire you and will probably fire you if you work for them since they won’t be able to afford it), and make sure you’re protected from market forces when your over-valued house starts to drop in value. It will be Utopia!

(Just a note on Biden’s crack about housing prices. People who owe more than their house is worth now are clearly early on in their mortgage, which means they probably have at least 20 years left to go. Housing values rise and fall, that’s the market and the way it should be. If your house doesn’t recover by the time you’re done with your mortgage, you chose the wrong area to buy in and, well, tough. Since that’s years away, unless you were looking to flip it, it won’t impact your life long-term. If you borrowed $200K 3 years ago and could only sell your house for $180K, you’ve, on paper, lost $20K. That money wasn’t in your pocket, and wasn’t going to be in your pocket until you’d built up equity, so calm down. If you don’t think your house will rebound and then some in the next 27 years, you either bought in a war zone or are an idiot. ‘Nuff said on that.)

Biden gave the usual warm and fuzzies about Obama you’d expect from any convention. Curiously, he didn’t touch on any of Obama’s friends or associates. Where are the guy’s life-long friends giving testimonials? Sure, McCain will have them from the prisoners he shared Hell with and they have a bond no one will understand. But doesn’t Obama have ANY friends? How about testimonials from people he’s helped while a “community organizer,” whatever the hell that is. Do they not exist?

We did learn that a year ago Barack Obama disagreed with a statement that John McCain made three years ago about Afghanistan. Who knew with 2 more years of history between them Obama could formulate an opinion? We also learned that Barack Obama agrees with the Bush Administration on talking with Iran. So, essentially, an Obama Administration would be 4 more years of Bush. Who knew?

All in all, a waste of an opportunity. It’s clear the Obama camp wanted to minimize the Clintons after giving Hillary the prime time slot last night, but they screwed up by not having Bill on the networks. His was clearly the much better speech, light on specifics that it was.

And the most staged moment of the convention finished off the evening when Barack himself came out. Biden couldn’t fake surprise if you paid him to. You have to love when an “unscripted” moment happens when someone comes out on stage with a microphone when the night is “done.” “Who is it?” Biden delivered with all the believability of a kid covered in chocolate who is denying having eaten the cookies.


PS – The cover band they have playing absolutely sucks! Seriously! Play the CDs already!

PPS – Biden’s closing line sounded like it was right out of the movie The Goonies. “This is our time!!!”


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