Our impressions of the second night of the Democrat’s Convention.

Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer said, “Barack Obama understands that the most important barrel of oil is the one that you don’t use.”  Um, Governor, no, it isn’t.  Each one is important because without each of them we’re screwed.  We’ll have no gasoline, no electricity, no economy.  What a douchebag!

It would seem, if the video tribute is to be believed, that Hillary Clinton is a woman and we’ve never had a woman President.  Who knew?  It would also seem that Chelsea likes her mother.  That’s about all anyone could have learned from it.

Hillary Clinton is a horrible public speaker and may well be a robot.  She’s like the annoying first grade teacher who talks down to everyone.  Stephen Hawking could have delivered a more passionate speech.  If John McCain is such a horrible person, why does Hillary consider him a friend?  If Hillary thinks Obama is the savior, why did she stay in the race for so long saying he wasn’t ready and she was on day one?

Do none of these people realize that the United States the Obamas are not the exception, but the rule and that’s what makes this country a great one?  Barack and Michelle WORKED their way up from (to hear them tell it) nothing (though Barack somehow drugged and drank his way through high school as an average student with poor grades and somehow went to an Ivy League college and law school (wonder who pulled the strings)) to be a vote away from becoming President and First Lady.  They did so without government doing it for them.  If they can, anyone can.  Unless they think they’re so special and everyone else is not nearly as capable as they are (which they sure seem to).  Their life story is the American Dream, hard work rewarded.  Why do they think so little of others ability to do what they’ve done?

MNSBC is a joke of a network.  Chris Matthews and Keith Ulberdouche talk like they have thrills running up their legs non-stop, and they probably do.


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