Joe Biden is not a racist, he’s an idiot!

We still can’t believe Joe Biden is Barack Obama’s pick for VP, thank you Barack!

Biden makes racists comments about Indians, stereotypical crap, too!  Things that would have a Republican run out of town, like this:

But, even though he offers this twisted logic PC, pull up from a nose-dive garbage explanation about his dumb comment, Obama comes running to his defense:

So it would seem that if Barack Obama says you’re cool, you’re cool. It’s like the “Get Out of Jail Free” card in Monopoly.

Man, we have to tell you, that Barack Obama is clean and articulate!  It’s like he just got out of the shower with a dictionary and a thesaurus!  Just ask Joe!

And since the ONLY reason to pick Biden is to plug the hole of what Obama is lacking, experience in foreign policy and in general, AND the fact that no one votes the bottom of the ticket, we fully suspect the Clintons of being behind this pick.  Look to find out who owns the URL www.hillary08.com and you’ll find out who.  We are just guessing here, but we’d put money on it being a Clinton.

Thanks, Barack!  We couldn’t have picked better for us ourselves!


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