Harry Reid – Man of tolerance.

Harry Reid, liar

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada has once again shown why he’s just a jackass and worthless human being. No, we’re not talking about how he was elected to the Senate a man of modest means and is now filthy rich through shady land deals and who knows what else thanks to his position, that would be to say the man is a criminal. We would never say he’s a criminal, we’d just imply it and encourage you to investigate it for yourself (because the media sure as hell isn’t going to do it).

Now the leader of the tolerant party is letting his true feelings about John McCain be known; He can’t stand him.

Having worked in the Senate and having seen Reid lie to other Senators, not to mention all the times I’ve heard about him lying, this comes as no surprise. Why would Reid like a Senator who disagrees with him politically and rails against corruption? That’s a huge problem for Harry Reid, he can’t have that win.


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