When Liberals can’t win the debate they try to shut the debate down.

In typical fashion for left-wingers, the self-proclaimed open-minded among us, the Students for Democratic Society (if there is a more ironically named organization on the planet please let us know), or SDS, is looking for people willing to shut down the Republican Convention.  Now, we could be wrong about this, but we aren’t aware of any conservative groups attempting to shut down the Democrat Convention, and if we were we would denounce them.

Here’s what they want their “members” to do (and yes, we put it in quotes for just that reason):

“Tier 1: Blockade the Xcel Center – Establish 15-20 blockades utilizing a diversity of tactics, creating inner and outer rings around St. Paul’s Xcel Center.

Tier 2: Immobilize Delegates’ Transportation – Immobilize the delegates’ transportation infrastructure, including buses, bus depots, etc.

Tier 3: Block Connecting Bridges – Block the five western bridges connecting the cities.

Those plugging into this strategy will be free to shape their actions as they see fit, using the tactics they consider appropriate. As the specific blockade sites are established, some sites may be designated “red zones” (prepared for self-defense), “yellow zones” (peaceful but assertive), and “green zones” (no risk of arrest) so as to accommodate a wide variety of creative tactics. The RNC Welcoming Committee is currently considering these zones and laying out specific blockade sites. Once these details are finalized they will be made public, and locals will be available to provide specific information and pictures of intersections, bridges, and other relevant locations to people that would like them.”

Super cool and open-mined, wouldn’t you say?  They’d better hope they don’t run into the NRA of Rolling Thunder out there.  Then again, we may want to hope they do.


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