They sure have pretty homeless in Denver!

The Democrat Party is the party of compassion.  If you don’t believe us just find a devout liberal and ask them (but don’t mention that you disagree with anything they say or they’ll call you every name in the book while yelling and frothing at the mouth).  That’s why it should have come as no surprise that liberals were looking to hide the homeless problem during their convention this month in Denver.  Out of sight, out of mind!  If you don’t believe us, just ask Elizabeth Edwards, her husband follows that philosophy in most aspects of his life.

Turns out the appeal of the zoo must not have been all lefties thought it would be, so a new plan has been enacted: clean them up!  Can’t have the victims of the social welfare programs they’re extolling the virtues of roaming the streets looking all dirty, and they sure as hell aren’t going to hire them to help out, giving them jobs would be cruel.  So they decided to cut their hair and clean up their appearance.

This may have a negative effect, from a liberal stand point anyway.  Clean people who are not spaced out on drugs are pretty employable.  Some homeless Denver residents may end up finding work from this, though that is not the intention.  If they find a job they run serious risk of no longer supporting liberal policies.  See, when you’re the one paying for something you look at the end result much more so than you do if you’re the one simply receiving it.  You also tend to know how to spend your money much better than a bureaucrat.

So if you’re out in Denver for the DNC and some nice looking, clean person who is articulate asks you for money it may not be someone fitting Senator Joe Biden’s description of Barack Obama seeking campaign cash, it could be a homeless person.   Be kind!


1 Response to “They sure have pretty homeless in Denver!”

  1. August 20, 2008 at 4:00 pm

    Ok,enough! If you took the time, you would pick up the phone, and find that many “liberal” groups promoting events outside of the DNC are funding some of this. This petty idea that the “Democrat” Party, sweet Jesus , you sound as dumb as typical Republic pundits, are partly behind this effort is as half witted as this post you spent time on. Do I agree with this approach surrounding the DNC? No, I say leave the city the way it is, and use it as an example that is spread allover our country and use it as an example of what GOP policies have done. How many homeless Vets are going to be there? How many foreclosed and homeless families need some cleaning up, and would appreciate it? How many college students who were denied a pell grant will be there? Of course they skipped all those literature courses and took advantage when the Govt’ is paying for drugs and strip clubs. The idea that you spend time criticizing policies that helped a number of you get where you are is not only hypocritical, it is blasphemous. Continuing on a path of other peoples greed is not salvation, it is political and financial suicide, and it is self serving bullshit. Again, I thought you guys were smarter than this.

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