Worthy Reads

Obama Supports School Choice for His Kids, but Not Your Kids. Investor’s Business Daily skewers Senator Obama for kowtowing to the teacher unions and opposing school choice…Worthy Reads

Markets Are Best Weapon Against Discrimination. John Stossel explains why government should not interfere with private hiring choices…

Sweden Leads on School Choice. A column in the Washington Times reviews the successful nationwide school choice system in Sweden…

Obama’s Nutty Energy Tax Grab. Many commentators mocked Senator McCain for his “silly” gas tax holiday, but Senator Obama is getting kid-gloves treatment for his awful proposal to impose a “windfall profits” tax on energy companies. The Wall Street Journal highlights some of the reasons why Obama’s proposal would wreak havoc…

Norway’s Hypocritical Socialists. Richard Rahn exposes the stupidity and hypocrisy of the Norwegian campaign to persecute tax havens…


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